Three-quarters of people over the age of 10 will have a mobile phone by 2022, according to the UN.

The use of the Internet concerns two-thirds of the world’s population, i.e. 5.3 billion people. Nearly three-quarters of people over 10 in 2022 will have a mobile phone that facilitates access to the Internet, and nearly a third of the world’s population is still deprived of this international network, the UN said on Wednesday. “Mobile … Read more

Why is Web3 more democratic than WEB 2.0?

One of the promises of Web3 is to give power and choice to users, to represent a more democratic age of the Internet. But which features deliver on this promise? Web 1.0 is the static information network, with creators on one side and readers on the other. Web 2.0 is marked by the advent of … Read more

NFT: beware of scams

The NFT market began to gain momentum in 2020, growing over 300% from last year and representing millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. During the first week of May 2022, the sale of these tokens then fell by 92% compared to last September. However, the market still generates the equivalent of millions of dollars, raising … Read more

FTX bankruptcy will strengthen cryptocurrency’s search for meaning

By Arthur de la Brunière, Web3 Analyst, EY Fabernovel. While October was already marked as the month with the most hacks of protocols, with about 760 million dollars stolen, the famous “cryptosphere” finds itself once again weakened. As a reminder, the cumulative total of cryptocurrency hacks in 2022 reaches $2.98 billion, a record. This new … Read more

Mon Livret C offers its own crypto-asset investment solutions for wealth management professionals

Mon Livret C, a Lyon-based startup that has developed expertise in the production of investment solutions in crypto-assets, now announces that it is specializing its offer with wealth management professionals (CGP, Family Offices, Groups, etc.) . The company, which is currently completing its first round of fundraising with private investors, wants to strengthen its innovative … Read more

The Human Rights Defender is concerned about the exposure of children to the Internet

The development of digital technology complicates the search for the delicate balance between privacy and child protection. “For children, the right to privacy is not clear.” In their annual report dedicated to the rights of the child, published this Thursday, the services of the rights defender Claire Hédon and the children’s defender Éric Delemar examined … Read more

The Rugby Train takes Clermont passengers on a 2023 World Cup adventure

09:16 – November 14, 2022 The visitors were able to think about the Rugby World Cup, the Webb Ellis trophy. – © Guillaume Bonnaure The France 2023 Rugby Tour train stopped in the Auvergne capital on November 7 and 8. Boarding this train, passengers could immerse themselves in the history of rugby and already live … Read more

Unbelievable but true!

The announcement of a cut in the inflation rate (+0.3% in October instead of the 0.5% expected by economists, and 7.7% at an annual rate at the end of October, instead of 8.2% at the end of September) catalyzed a rare stock market . growth. In a few hours, the Nasdaq rose by more than … Read more

The opening of the NFT Factory: what impact on the sector?

What are NFTs? What are the links to Web3? NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are tokens similar to those used in cryptocurrencies and make it possible to digitize various information, partially stored in a blockchain. Their immutable character allows for a multitude of uses in different sectors such as luxury, video games, real estate, or even … Read more

How the internet has changed the way we consume

After watching 10 ways the internet is changing the world, let’s take a closer look at our new way of consuming thanks to the web. From online shopping, a lost bet, to new gaming platforms, expand our new ways of consumption with the Internet. E-commerce, buying the product without touching it The very idea of … Read more