Three-quarters of people over the age of 10 will have a mobile phone by 2022, according to the UN.

The use of the Internet concerns two-thirds of the world’s population, i.e. 5.3 billion people. Nearly three-quarters of people over 10 in 2022 will have a mobile phone that facilitates access to the Internet, and nearly a third of the world’s population is still deprived of this international network, the UN said on Wednesday. “Mobile … Read more

a virtual hackathon with Web3 solutions for a more decentralized future

The hackathon organized by the startup was held from November 23 to 28 starts on the topic “building a decentralized future”. Starton is a web3 development kit that allows developers to integrate blockchain into a product with just a few lines of code. Blockchain is this database updated in real time by all users of … Read more

Facebook launches its Nice Metaverse Academy

Méta, Facebook’s new name, in partnership with Simplon, which specializes in training for digital professions, launched its Nice Metaverse Academy on Friday. This new term refers to the technologies that are supposed to revolutionize the Internet but also our daily lives. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is convinced anyway. Key work The multinational company has decided … Read more

Web3: Hype or Horror?

It is human nature to always be looking for the next big thing. Whether we’re evolving as humans, browsing countless social media feeds or identifying new investment opportunities, we don’t like to stand still. Technology is perhaps the most evolving aspect of our lives and a field filled to the brim with exciting innovations across … Read more

Virtual reality reduces the need for anesthesia

A study published in the specialized magazine “Games for Health Journal” shows some opportunities that VR technology offers in modern medicine. The highlighted results show that virtual reality simulations can improve pain management (by reducing the patient’s perception of pain and anxiety), enhance clinical rehabilitation programs and physical rehabilitation protocols (through immersive audio-visual environments) and … Read more

Internet boxes soon to be put on standby at night?

This Thursday, October 6, the government announced its energy austerity plan to deal with the energy crisis and the risk of blackouts this winter. This contains a digital component with various proposals, some of which are directly aimed at internet boxes. There are no small savings. To cope with the energy crisis, the government is … Read more