Gulli launches a revolutionary TV game

Joan Faggianelli launches “Mission Gulliverse” this Sunday, November 13 at 17:45 on the children’s channel. An innovative weekly show halfway between reality and the virtual world. Since his arrival Gully Fifteen years ago, Joan Faggianelli was to minors what Neymar was to Paris Saint-Germain fans. A true star whose youngest hopes to one day cross … Read more

“The era of overgrowth is behind them”

Faced with structural problems reinforced by the global economic context, Meta is preparing the first wave of mass layoffs for Wednesday, according to the US press. But despite the difficulties, Facebook’s parent company is keeping the assets. What’s going on in the Meta? A week after its fall on the stock market, the company that … Read more

Why the metaverse constitutes a colossal political stake

By Laure-Alice Bouvier Posted 22 minutes ago “The metaverse would allow easier access to the political world.” Adobe Stock FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – If the metaverse is a tool to promote the participation of citizens in democratic life, authoritarian regimes can instrumentalize it for the purposes of political manipulation, analyzes the lawyer Laure-Alice Bouvier. Laure-Alice Bouvier is … Read more

“Should murder and rape be punished in the metaverse?”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – Faced with the development of the metaverse and the opportunities it offers to users, the lawyer Laure-Alice Bouvier wonders about the legal and ethical questions that already arise in this “new world”. Laure-Alice Bouvier is a lawyer at the Paris Bar and a doctor of law. The virtual revolution is already among us. … Read more

Facebook, the failed turn in the metaverse

Sad birthday for Facebook. On October 28, the group led by Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change of the group which has Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. He became Meta, to score her turn to the metaversethis set of technologies that allow access to fully immersive virtual worlds. A year later, the name is still … Read more

what Luxury can learn from Streetwear.

Luxury is definitely one of the hottest sectors in the Web3 universe. From Burberry’s virtual avatars, to Gucci’s Roblox residences, via Prada’s Chinaverse, the biggest houses do not hesitate to build a real empire on the Web3, especially with the aim of building a new customer experience. But it seems that Streetwear, sometimes competitor or … Read more