“We bet on people’s intelligence so that they take responsibility”: beliefs of the new director of the Regional Water House in Barjols

In the heart of Barjols, not far from the river Écrevisses, very close to the fountain Burlière, a house has been the home of a society for which water is not a simple element of the landscape for more than thirty years. For its inhabitants, it is an object of study, research, whose stocks never … Read more

Meta Quest V49: three new additional features announced in the next update

We have already told you about v49 through one dedicated articlebut new features added this week. In the program, new options for parents who will be able supervise their children’s activities better, a welcome update to the environments Meta ANDintegration of an “immersive” option in the Do Not Disturb function. New environment and new locations: … Read more

the government wants to push the French to put their internet box on standby

This is one of the main measures of the digital component of the energy prudence plan presented by the government this Thursday, October 6 to “pass the winter” in the conditions of the tension of the electricity production capacities in the country, which may remain without energy in case of peak consumption during the winter … Read more