Altcoin News – Crypto Recovers and Gaming Tokens Outperform the Market

Bitcoin (BTC) has made significant gains in the last 7 days. The altcoin market has reacted very enthusiastically to the rally of the largest cryptocurrency again. The week was full of good news for altcoin investors. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the good things that have recently happened in the … Read more

Altcoin News: Spectacular Profits and Adventures in the Metaverse

Cryptocurrency prices are on the rise again and some altcoins have managed to make spectacular gains this week. But isn’t it too early to declare that the altcoin season has really begun? See a selection of the most interesting altcoin news from the last 7 days and decide for yourself! Zilliqa soars almost 300% Zilliqa … Read more

Altcoin News – New and exciting altcoins on the way!

Bitcoin price is on the rise again, which means that altcoins are also growing. While we haven’t seen a massive rally this week, most altcoins have managed to rally significantly, with some even making truly spectacular gains. However, the most interesting thing to happen in the altcoin ecosystem this week was not the price movements … Read more

Bitcoin drops below $40k again and Meta (formerly Facebook) may charge high commissions on NFT sales

Bitcoin dipped slightly earlier in the day again, reaching below $40k. Although things have been slow, the bears have shown that they are still in control. Altcoins also posted some losses. More on that later. In other news, Meta in its emerging market can take up to 50% of NFT sales as commission. wants to … Read more

Bitcoin Price Recovers Slightly Above $40k and 3/4 of BTC Addresses Still Gaining

Bitcoin is currently trading sideways at around $40k at the time of writing after a day of relative inactivity. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap spent much of the day around this key level yesterday as the bears took a short breather. Altcoins, on the other hand, posted slight losses during this time, with a … Read more

Altcoin News – Does WAVES still have a future after the 50% drop?

After a great few weeks, the cryptocurrency market is finally starting to cool down a bit. While the price of Bitcoin is still solid around $43,000, the most popular cryptocurrencies end the week in the red. However, as always, some altcoins managed to break the trend and make spectacular gains. Without further introduction, let’s take … Read more

Bitcoin Quickly Drops Below $44k and UNHCR Begins Accepting Stablecoin Payments

Bitcoin price started falling earlier today as it encountered short-term bearish sentiment in the market. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap dipped below $44k at one point, before picking up a bit later in the day. Altcoins also saw significant price declines. More on that later. In other news, the United Nations High Commissioner for … Read more

Bitcoin Price Slightly Drops to $42k After Move Above $45k Fails Again

Bitcoin had a slightly bearish day today as the price recovered to around $42k at press time. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap is looking to break through the key $45k resistance, but is proving to be a tough nut to crack. Altcoins also posted slight pullbacks as BTC moved south. In other news, the … Read more

Bitcoin Stable at $47k as Nelson Mandela Arrest NFT Sells for $130k

Bitcoin price is currently trading around $47k and does not seem to be gaining much momentum with the continuation of the uptrend. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization closes the month with a high and is now looking to early April to light fireworks. Altcoins were also largely flat, with a few exceptions. More on … Read more

Altcoin News – Will the Metaverse Save Solana?

After briefly falling through the support line at $40,000, Bitcoin rallied and was quickly up a few thousand dollars. But while the altcoin market reacted positively, most altcoins have seen only modest gains. However, some lesser-known altcoins managed to appreciate massively. Without further introduction, let’s take a look at the most interesting altcoin news from … Read more