YouTuber Kwebbelkop starts platform for NFT: ‘In love with this technique’

An NFT, a ‘non-fungible token’, is a digital certificate of authenticity for digital objects. The non-exchangeable code is secured by blockchain technology. NFTs have been on the rise since early 2021. Millions have already been paid for NFTs of digital artwork. Since last year, international platforms for selling NFTs have grown rapidly, including OpenSea, Nifty, … Read more

Visually or hearing impaired? This is how you make the internet a little more accessible | technology

Now everything can be found online. If you want to organize something, you often need the Internet. But if you are hearing or visually impaired, you sometimes have problems online. With these Chrome extensions you make your life a little easier. Digital accessibility remains a huge headache for website builders, who often pay too little … Read more

What is an NFT and why should I buy one?

Source: AFP/Justin Tallis Chances are you’ve heard the word ‘NFT’ on a birthday or from the coffee machine at work. Last year there was a hype around these digital objects. Images, videos, songs and even the first tweet were sold for outrageous sums. But what exactly are these NFTs? And how can you make money … Read more

LoRaWAN as an enabler of the Internet of Things

The digitization of all business and production processes requires the interconnection of all parts of a company within an Internet of Things (IoT). This also applies to external or mobile components within a production site. LoRaWAN’s standalone IoT network technology allows it to be integrated into overall factory automation without major infrastructure investments or increased … Read more

How we regain our privacy online with web 3.0 | general

Big tech companies have a monopoly on internet traffic advertising. Thanks to cookies and trackers, they link browsing behavior and purchasing behavior. The result is a buying machine in which the user is a provider and buyer of data. Web 3.0 has to change this relationship. Instead of storing data in centralized databases, decentralization plays … Read more

“Only together can we make the Internet a safe place for everyone”

UNICEF research (2020) shows that all these changes make children more vulnerable, especially if they do not have enough knowledge, skills or resources to protect themselves online. Tuesday, February 8 is internationally dominated by Safer Internet Day, in which everyone is called to make the Internet a better and safer place together. One of the … Read more