providing an infrastructure in 4 steps

The Internet of Things (IoT) is inherently complex. Devices remotely connect plants, machines and vehicles in order to optimize production processes. To be able to work effectively together, solutions IoT it must have a high-performance communication network and, to generate real added value, be connected to the cloud. Without careful implementation according to a safe … Read more

Reinvent tomorrow’s industry by investing heavily in digital innovation

We must no longer automate the past. It has to be reinvented. For this, companies must have an infrastructure that can support the new wave of digital innovations. It will go very quickly. Everything will speed up. These innovations are indeed destined to shape the digital infrastructure for the next decade. This stack of technologies … Read more

A free metaverse designer training sponsored by Meta in France?

On Thursday, October 27, the Metavers Academy was launched in Marseille in partnership with Simplon, the South region and Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger). Opened in 2013, Simplify is a social and solidarity company that offers training in digital professions. Through its network of more than a hundred schools in … Read more

How to track your internet usage? different options

Unlimited packages have revolutionized usage. However, it is important to track its consumption for several reasons: to know the remaining envelope, to better understand its use, to avoid additional costs, etc. For this, several solutions are available to you depending on your carrier. To choose the one that suits you best, we reveal them to … Read more

What’s the point of having a 4G booster if you live in a smart home?

Today the world is changing so fast that we can barely keep up with the news. The World Wide Web has replaced traditional means of information and communication. On the Internet you can find media, blogs, social networks, educational portals, banks, shops… Every day, high technologies are entering more and more into our lives: delivery … Read more

Virtual reality at the service of employees

Also called VR (acronym for Virtual Reality in English), virtual reality allows you to immerse a person in a digitally created artificial world. Companies have now taken this technology and made it available to their employees. The explanations. What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality is an immersive technology consisting of puts an individual at the … Read more