why listed vineyards now trace their bottles – Liberation

Chronicle “The Little Dictionary of Wine” Tired of seeing their bottles resold at exorbitant prices on auction sites, winemakers with prestigious appellation are now using tracking technologies for the sake of control and imaging. It’s been a while since virtual entered the world of wine. Since Covid, there are also “virtual wine fairs” which offer … Read more

Emotionwave MUTA – Organize your own music concert in VR! K-Metaverse 2022

As part of K-Metaverse 2022 we interviewed several startups in the world of VR, AR and XR. of Metaverse Content Global Collaboration is a project supported by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT so that domestic companies in the metaverse can expand internationally. The third company we met is Emotionwave through an interview with … Read more

The future of tourism: emission-free cruises, rebuilding Ukraine and the Metaverse

The reopening of the world after the COVID-19 pandemic has led to renewed interest in far-flung destinations. As floods, fires and droughts intensify due to climate change, eco-friendly travel is starting to become more common. According to the latest figures from World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)the efforts made by the travel and tourism industry … Read more

Green IMPT crypto will be listed on exchanges in 9 days, don’t miss the ad!

Cryptocurrency has often been rejected for being energy intensive and not helping protect the environment. Project Impact came to remedy this. This innovative project has placed environmental issues at the center of its strategy. Thanks to its uniqueness, this cryptocurrency attracts the attention of investors. This is because of its flash presale which is happening … Read more

DRC: 3 days of national mourning after a massacre that left “at least 100 dead”

A three-day national mourning began on Saturday (December 3rd) in the Democratic Republic of Congo following the alleged massacre of civilians in the east of the country. The government accused the M23 rebels of carrying out the massacre. The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, decreed, on December 2, 2022, 3 … Read more

MetaMask – Ready to abandon the Apple ecosystem and its “monopoly abuse”.

The evolution of the cryptocurrency industry is based on a vision Web3 of the internet. A still-difficult-to-determine mutation in which the Web2 giants have already entered, to escape the fate historically reserved for dinosaurs. The problem is that it is precisely their absence that is supposed to define this new decentralized digital space. And obviously, … Read more

Opera – Create NFT “simple and free”

While the market for NFTs the visit of floor prices below the floor, developments related to its ecosystem are multiplying. As its detractors will have to admit, this blockchain and cryptocurrency-related sector will not end up disappearing. And the interest it arouses in actors and companies of the Internet and the current economy continues to … Read more