How we regain our privacy online with web 3.0 | general

Big tech companies have a monopoly on internet traffic advertising. Thanks to cookies and trackers, they link browsing behavior and purchasing behavior. The result is a buying machine in which the user is a provider and buyer of data. Web 3.0 has to change this relationship. Instead of storing data in centralized databases, decentralization plays … Read more

Jack Dorsey’s Vision of Bitcoin and Web 3.0 Divides Crypto Prominents

When Jack Dorsey, a diehard Bitcoin fanatic and former CEO of Twitter, started making fun of Web 3.0, his followers didn’t sit well with him. The debate is about what a truly distributed Internet would look like and who plays what role. Dorsey’s camp believes that Web 3 falls short on decentralization, despite venture capitalists … Read more

The Metaguide #6 – Realitycheck

Thanks to digital technology, time is compressed, he said in Metaguide number 5. This catapults us into the future. What was planned for 2030 has already been realized. This is why the Metaverse is suddenly getting so much attention. The interesting thing about the Metaverse is that it is not a virtual world, but countless … Read more

Web 3.0: a promising logistics tool, but its implementation takes time

In the ‘traditional Internet’, attractive graphical user interfaces determine how applications are used. But in a Web 3.0 construct, applications can find, identify, link, and exchange information on their own, often using machine learning and ultimately artificial intelligence. “This will change how organizations use systems and possibly how systems themselves become self-contained organizations,” TI hopes. … Read more

Web3 arrives: how will it change the internet?

Twenty years ago, the web began to change. Instead of one-way traffic on websites where visitors could primarily read or watch, there were new web services where interaction was central. All users could now easily post anything from weblogs to videos. “Then social media platforms were added, like Hyves and Friendster. Later, Facebook and YouTube … Read more