what Luxury can learn from Streetwear.

Luxury is definitely one of the hottest sectors in the Web3 universe. From Burberry’s virtual avatars, to Gucci’s Roblox residences, via Prada’s Chinaverse, the biggest houses do not hesitate to build a real empire on the Web3, especially with the aim of building a new customer experience. But it seems that Streetwear, sometimes competitor or … Read more

Web 3: “For the first time, Gafa’s supremacy can be challenged”

Projects abound in the crypto ecosystem, despite the price decline seen since the peak reached by bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in November 2021. Several specialized Web 3 funds have been rapidly launched in recent months to accompany the trend and to discover the nuggets of tomorrow. Ledger and Cathay Innovation thus created a joint … Read more

A Web3 style Wikipedia? This project collects 40 million dollars

A golden opportunity – Investment fund Andresen Horrowitzbetter known by the name a16zcollected 40 million dollars during the series B fundraising for the project ” Golden Among the various investors in this procedure are actors known and influential in the ecosystembut also personalities very different. Besides the fact that this event (among many others) reminds … Read more

Summary: Parisian Web3, Google x Coinbase, Hack Crypto, stablecoins under pressure

Paris welcome Crypto.com AND Funds Web3 e trace; 3 billion dollars e stolen arguments IN 2022; ExcHAnGE AND COPPER refuel; Google cloud joins forces with Coinbase; USDC AND DAI back… Back to tidings of the week. of France would there be obvious advantages for crypto-asset players ? This week, Jean-Noël Barrot, Ministerial Delegate for Digital … Read more

Football: Lionel Messi enters Web3!

Bitget, the leading cryptocurrency platform, has just announced its partnership with Lionel Messi, the famous soccer player from Paris Saint-Germain. This is how a film production starts, a month before the FIFA World Cup tournament. Messi is one of the most popular and recognizable sports stars. He will join the Argentina national team as captain … Read more

With Exclusive, Romain Girbal installs the world of luxury in a new dimension: Web3

Aware of the endless possibilities offered by Web3, Romain Girbal and his partner Thibault Launay have developed, for the world of luxury, exceptional: a marketplace that allows prestigious brands to sell their products, digital, but not only, in a digital world, metaverse. . Lighting. Romain Girbal, blockchain pioneer Anticipating the potential of the newly emerged … Read more