Blockchain Can’t Handle Its Success, Its Replacement Is Ready » Crypto Insiders

Crypto and blockchains are only used by 1% of the world’s population. However, the growth is exponential and that is a success that current blockchain systems cannot handle. You see this because systems become too slow or too expensive (gasoline parties) or even because they fall off completely. If blockchain wants to serve the other … Read more

Soda Wins Ecommerce Gold DIA Award with

Amsterdam, June 3, 2022 – In collaboration with, a world leader in prepaid online payments, digital product design agency Soda won a Dutch Interactive Gold Award (DIA). In the e-commerce category, the case of the Amsterdam-based top-up platform convinced the expert jury. Counter trend: pay now buy laterAt, customers can get all kinds … Read more

3 trends to pioneer in content, technology and retail

Brands are increasingly selling and communicating online, and compelling content has become increasingly important as a result. Emakina takes you through 3 trends that will surely catch the attention of your consumer, and with which you will leave the competition behind. Live social shoppingWhat is? Most brands now use their social networks as sales channels, … Read more

Cisco Talos Suggests Ways to Safely Navigate the Metaverse

The World Wide Web (Web) is currently undergoing the transition to “Web 3.0”, powered by cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, decentralized applications, and file storage. † Central to this transition is the development of a 3D experience known as the ‘Metaverse’, a virtual environment where people can shop, play games, spend time with distant friends, attend a … Read more