The Rugby World Cup is shown at Limoges station on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October

Families and rugby fans flocked to the quay this Saturday, October 29, to board the 2023 Rugby World Cup train, which stopped at Limoges Bénédictins station. “We came to see the cup! “, start two small boys all smiles. Four cars are equipped for a trip to the planet of rugby, in an immersive and … Read more

Transmixr: imagine a unique platform in the service of information and creation thanks to the tools of virtual reality

Advances in augmented reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies offer a unique opportunity for the European Creative and Cultural Sector (CCS) to imagine new ways of co-creating, interacting and engaging in the digital world. The TRANSMIXR platform will develop an XR platform for creation that will allow remote collaborations in a virtual space and … Read more

United Arab Emirates: virtual universe in the desert sands

To realize its ambition to become a global technology leader and turn to the digital and innovation economy, the UAE is focusing its efforts on the Metaverse in particular. With real forces. According to Global Innovation Indexpublished annually by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)The United Arab Emirates is now in 18th placeth The country in … Read more

Montpellier Airport celebrates its winter program with a comprehensive photo exhibition

from Metropolitan Script Published on 29 October 22 at 16:49 Metropolitan See my news Follow this media An exhibition to be discovered until November 6. (©Montpellier Méditerranée Airport) it Sunday, October 30, Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport starts its winter program with 24 destinations, including Madrid. To celebrate this new season, the terminal welcomes a unique and comprehensive … Read more

Q&A: Why medical device company Penumbra is betting on virtual reality

Publicly listed global medical device company Penumbra has expanded its portfolio to include virtual reality offerings through its REAL Immersive System in 2019. The system is designed to help physicians meet the individual needs of patients in a rehabilitation setting. The company then expanded its virtual reality offerings with the REAL i-Series in 2021, bringing … Read more

The problem with 5G

5G is disappointing despite its rapid deployment. Let’s take a look at this new generation of mobile networking. Source: Humanoid of 5G began its deployment in France in 2020. Two years later, despite record approval, opinions on this new technology are very divided and disappointments are great. What should we expect from this new mobile … Read more

Stroke: what are the best recovery techniques?

L’stroke is here the number one cause of disability in adults. damaged brain, motor skills, memory and language may be affected depending on the intensity, location and type of stroke (hemorrhagic or ischemic). Supported as soon as possible, these consequences are not not a fatality. Recovery of speech or motor skills is possible. After returning … Read more