‘Metaverse’: the revolutionary vision of the future of Facebook in 7 questions and answers

Last week, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg relaunched a term that has been buzzing in the tech world for some time and has also taken center stage internally at the social media giant: the metaverse, the new internet that will consist of virtual worlds. “The metaverse is the pinnacle of social technology and will be one … Read more

Can the metaverse still fail?

At the end of 2021, everyone was talking about the metaverse, but now it seems that interest is waning. Although one of the best-known companies in the world is fully committed to it (and has even changed its name), the metaverse does not have to be a great success. Could it even be a complete … Read more

World Environment Day: The metaverse creates footprints online

Saturday June 5 is World Environment Day, organized by the United Nations to encourage global awareness and action to protect our environment. Several experts give their point of view on the need to be more sustainable. KwikFit: focus on maintaining electric mobility “Change is needed to protect the environment, and we are definitely seeing changes … Read more

Tax Authorities and the Metaverse – Trending Magazines on PC

The website of the Federal Public Finance Service recently reported that from now on taxpayers will also be received by virtual public servants. This is a three-month pilot project at the information centers in Antwerp and Liège. Public officials will speak to taxpayers in the form of a hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image … Read more

‘The rise of the metaverse raises numerous tax questions’ – Taxes

‘Federal Public Service Funding may well be progressive and virtual offices will certainly have their place in government as well. But at the same time, the service must show the same progressivity towards taxpayers and provide legal certainty for the fascinating tax discussions that will arise’. So says Michel Maus, lawyer and professor of tax … Read more