CBI fund raising in the stock market: price, conditions, objectives

Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI), a Euronext Growth listed company that develops metaverse (virtual world) AlphaVerse, has launched a two-tier fundraising to fund a development opportunity with professional football clubs, for which it will create world licensed virtual. Crypto Blockchain Industries: fundraising launched on Euronext Growth Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI), a French company that develops metaverse … Read more

The Metaverse will be as relevant as smartphones are today

Meta executives maintain strong faith in Metaverse’s potential, despite major losses within its dedicated division. Chris Cox, product manager of the social network, is confident that Metaverse will overtake smartphones in importance in the coming years. Admittedly, Metaverse fails to attract the general public while more and more companies around the world are starting up. … Read more

GDC’s State of the Gaming Industry survey once again shows developer skepticism towards metaverses and blockchain hokum

This year’s State of the Games Industry from GDC – the 11th since the project’s inception – offers a range of insights from the 2,300 game developers surveyed. Let’s dig into the highlights, shall we? The developers are “care” metaverse; when asked which companies and platforms are “best positioned to fulfill the promise of the … Read more

Linux Foundation launches Open Metaverse Foundation to move metaverse from promise to reality through collaboration and development of open source software and standards

The new Open Metaverse Foundation lays the groundwork for practical and powerful progress in building inclusive, global and evolving worlds together. The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization whose goal is to drive innovation through open source, created the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF), whose mission is to provide a space for the collaboration of different industries … Read more

Stablecoin: this Australian banking giant launches its cryptocurrency on Ethereum and Algorand

A leg up in crypto thanks to stablecoins – While MNBC, the Digital Currency of Central Banks, is gradually being implemented, or even being adopted, by some central banks such as Brazilthe Australian banking giant National Australia Bank (NAB)) announced its decision to launch its own stablecoin following the path set by Australia and Banking … Read more

when marketing comes before technology

The Metaverse is a futuristic technology in the making, but also a very effective “word” to sell you tacos and virtual Gucci bags. Discover the top 10 funniest “metaverses”. In 2021, Facebook became Meta and discovered her new ambition: to create a truth virtual world called the Metaverse. However, by announcing this project, Mark Zuckerberg … Read more