Invest in the metaverse | Time

Invest in the metaverse |  Time

May 20, 2022 today at 01:00 The metaverse, an interconnected set of digital and physical reality environments, would be the next phase of the Internet. How do you respond to this as an investor, without being the victim of a new bubble? The Internet has already gone through several phases. We evolved from text-heavy static … Read more

The metaverse and the opportunity to do cybersecurity from the beginning

Will the metaverse be the next incarnation of the Internet? Who knows. But while even Microsoft says it’s investing in this, the question remains what exactly that metaverse entails. This does not mean that security and privacy are fundamental in this new virtual world. Because consumers, businesses, and governments may have literally unprecedented opportunities, but … Read more

‘Flemish companies do not want to miss the train of the metaverse’

May 18, 2022 today at 05:00 The Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (Howest) has all the in-house training courses to help build the metaverse. This includes internationally acclaimed training for game creators. Companies show great interest in collaboration. Howest has three courses that are immediately relevant to the development of the metaverse, a set of digital environments where … Read more

The metaverse has a trust problem.

May 17, 2022 today at 17:14 The concepts of ‘metaverse’ and ‘NFT’ are reaching a wide audience. But the metaverse is seen primarily as a form of entertainment with a trust issue, according to a Belgian study. Roughly seven in ten Belgians (69%) say they understand what the metaverse is, according to Sortlist. That Belgian … Read more

Speculating on the current blockchain bubble is a pyramid scheme

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), land purchases in the metaverse, and countless digital currencies. They are all manifestations of the enormous hype surrounding the much-discussed blockchain technology. Blockchain technology essentially boils down to a collectively stored decentralized digital database. The successive digital blocks that make up the blockchain refer, among other things, to immutable information encoded within … Read more