Jean-Claude Van Damme’s OnlyFans daughter Mel C. (SpiceGirls) is looking for love online… And all the other gossip found here!

Florent Manaudou and Pernille Blume The horizon is theirs! @Instagram ©pernilleblume Paris, the capital of love? That was before one of the cutest couples in the celebrity galaxy landed in Marseille! Because that’s it, Florent and Pernille finally settle in their little love nest in Marseille, uninhabited for two years due to renovation. We thus … Read more

Internet boxes soon to be put on standby at night?

This Thursday, October 6, the government announced its energy austerity plan to deal with the energy crisis and the risk of blackouts this winter. This contains a digital component with various proposals, some of which are directly aimed at internet boxes. There are no small savings. To cope with the energy crisis, the government is … Read more

Partial return of internet and telephone in Beuvraignes

Private for several months, the residents of Beuvraignes see the situation improving little by little. However, a quarter of residents still face concerns. 25% of Beuvraignois still suffer from discomfort Mayor Christian Since regrets that 25% of Beuvraignois are still experiencing blackouts Published: November 3, 2022 at 2:22 p.m. Reading time: 2 min Calvary in … Read more

VIDEO. Tarn: no phone, no internet for a week … residents of this small town “feel completely abandoned”

elemental In Labruguière in Tarn, residents of the villages of Gaux and Tissous have been without telephone and internet since Friday 28 October. Friday, October 28, at the crossroads of the road to Laprade and the village of Gaux, a few kilometers from the Labruguière exit, a truck would have torn over fifty meters of … Read more

The French Telecommunications Federation (FFT) is demanding 2 billion euros from Netflix, Google and Apple

The main French telecom operators, namely Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free, want to charge the tech giants access to their fixed and mobile network, including GAFA and the broadcast platforms that benefit from it. Grouped within the French Telecom Federation (FFT), they demand €2 billion a year. What if Google, Apple, Netflix, Disney+, Meta … Read more

The most dangerous place on the Internet

The Asia-Africa-Europe-1 Internet Cable runs 15,500 miles along the seabed, connecting Hong Kong to Marseille, France. Running across the South China Sea and into Europe, the cable helps provide Internet connections to more than a dozen countries, from India to Greece. When the cable went down on June 7, millions of people were pushed offline … Read more