🔎 Troll (Usenet and Internet)

presentation A troll (artist view). or troll is an action likely to create a controversy by provoking the participants of a discussion space (such as a forum, newsgroups or wiki) in a computer network (A computer network is a group of devices connected together by…)SPECIALLY Page (The Internet is the global computer network that makes … Read more

“RTBF is killing pluralism on the Internet”

What’s the problem? According to press owners, RTBF is giving them unfair competition by offering free written information on its website. “We are subsidizing a public operator to enter the press market and destroy its economic model.”says François le Hodey, CEO of IPM (Free, f, The future,…). This free online press information provided by the … Read more

Telecommunications operators are invited to install fast internet for 35 thousand families – Business

Minister Petra De Sutter asks telecom operators to install fast internet for 35,000 households. The deployment of the network, which will favor fiber optics, will then take place between the second quarter of 2023 and 2024. The Minister of Telecommunications, Petra De Sutter, asks the telecommunications operators high speed fixed internet deployment among more than … Read more

Morocco in the top 10 of Africa

Benchmarking site Cable.co.uk has just published its 2022 ranking, which compares internet offerings in 220 countries around the world. According to this table, in our continent Morocco is the ninth African country where the connection speed is the fastest with 13.03 megabits per second (Mbps). The kingdom is far behind first-rate Rwanda with a national … Read more

Will the internet be quantum?

“Teleport Scotty!” », these famous words are those of Captain Kirk of the famous series star journey in the late 60s to his ship’s engineer so he could teleport him from the spaceship company to a nearby planet to explore. If Kirk’s teleportation is not for tomorrow, quantum physics has shown that teleportation is possible … Read more