‘There are pages full of inaccurate blog and website requests’

Menno Pot sees that the gap between Ajax and the traditional media is growing. Something that, according to him, is unfortunate, but also very understandable. According to the Ajax columnist and book author, Amsterdammers had to go against the growing attention. Due to Ajax’s European successes in recent years, attention for the club has grown … Read more

Research Digitenne shows that there is more than 20% less interest in camping. Is that correct?

According to Digitenne research, there is more than 20% less interest in camping. According to a recent study commissioned by Digitenne, this year there would be more than 20% less interest in camping than last year, despite the good weather. The ‘Digitenne Camping Survey 2022’ concludes that the Dutch again opt more frequently for a … Read more

Whistles, punch cards and telegraphs: the hacker came before the Internet

Every day, around 30,000 websites around the world are hacked, which means that unauthorized people gain access to them. The number of attacks is increasing every year, and by 2025, the bill from cyber attacks will be around $70 billion, according to estimates. Cyber ​​Crime Magazine† The digital age has made hacking a global security … Read more

Keep your digital door closed

We think it’s quite normal to lock our house properly when we leave. But when it comes to protecting our computer, we make mistakes that are easy to avoid. Keeping the digital door shut has become more important in recent years. Where criminals used to get involved, today they prefer to attack from a distance. … Read more

Strange Duck in the Bite: Office Managers from Outside the Legal Profession

More and more law firms are appointing a director who is not a lawyer. Three office managers, from Boels Zanders, Florent and HVG Law, tell us how they experience the legal profession as non-lawyers. “I’m almost always the outsider.” Photos: Roel Dijkstra Photography Johan Verhagen Boels Zanders Johan Verhagen (photo above) was a bank manager … Read more