The ‘healthy cola’ recipe is going viral. The secret ingredient? You usually make it into a salad | little girl

The ‘healthy cola’ is being widely tested on the Internet: a drink that claims to be just as tasty, but healthier than a regular Coca-Cola. The secret ingredients? Vinegar that you normally put in your vinaigrette and sparkling water. “Whoever drinks vinegar before a starchy meal has lower blood sugars afterwards.” But beware: the drink … Read more

Jennifer Egan: ‘I also like miserable surprises, because they remind me that anything is possible’

In a sense the house of sweets an advert. Because of the dangers of our great and rather unquestioned faith in technology. For giving our thoughts and attention to technology companies, who monetize that. As he says halfway through the novel, nothing is free. “Never trust a candy house!” But Jennifer Egan – “Jenny”, she … Read more

Working on the evolution of the internet

Kuipers initiated, among other things, the Delft on Internet of Things (Do IoT) field laboratory at TU Delft. A collaboration in which scientists, entrepreneurs and government agencies innovate together in the field of IoT. “We provide companies with a secure and advanced environment in which they can test and improve their ideas and prototypes. For … Read more

Ziggo raises prices and includes annual price increase in conditions – IT Pro – News

Ziggo will increase the prices of most Internet subscriptions starting July 1. The more expensive Giga pack is actually cheaper. Subscriptions in combination with TV and calls are especially expensive. Ziggo has also included in its conditions the annual price increase. Ziggo subscription prices without TV will increase the least. The most expensive package with … Read more