Is NFT a good idea for your money?

NFT…it’s been almost a year since I’ve come across anything about them. In March of last year I wrote a blog about it: NFT: what’s that again? Was it an exaggeration that soon passed? Well, no. It is still a topic that is talked about a lot on the Internet. NFT influencers scream from rooftops … Read more

Will Ethereum ever outgrow Bitcoin?

In crypto, there are a few major currencies that almost everyone is familiar with: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is the better known of the two, and also the bigger one. The question is whether Bitcoin will grow or whether Ethereum will still have a chance to be ‘the new Bitcoin’. We explain its possibilities. Ethereum … Read more

Is now the time to buy? » Cryptocurrency experts

Today, Axie Infinity (AXS) will be covered in the Insiders review. This coin was requested in the Crypto-Insiders premium environment and will therefore be included in today’s Insider review. Axie Infinity is a blockchain play to win game powered by non-fungible tokens (NFT). You can buy, trade, breed, and mate with little creatures called Axies … Read more

Bitcoin climbs uncomfortably above $40k and Instagram is going to add NFT features

Bitcoin made a somewhat uncomfortable move higher today as the price surged above $40,000 and has held above it ever since. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap spent much of this month below the key $40k level and traders are eyeing the next step with realistic anticipation. Altcoins also rose a bit but mostly weaker … Read more