Roundup: NFT Factory, N26 Crypto Trading, Aptos Launch…

Canal+ integrated NFT and metaverse; Aptos throw his blockchain; of NFT factory opens in Paris; N26, Plaid adopt crypto AND MasterCard prepare banks… Back totidings of week. of cryptocurrencies, a fortune like no other? Offers of commercial have been widely democratized. Reserved for a while for specialized platforms or some neobanks such as revolution in, … Read more

Nina Caput, co-founder of Eqwin: “We use digital to highlight horse racing and make it desirable for young people”

Magazine / 29.10.2022 The race for digitization NFT fever, digital avatars, metaverses and Web3, are coming to the races. WHO? Why ? How? For this third part of our dossier, we are interested in Eqwin, a “classic” mobile application adapted for racing, whose release is announced for the first half of 2023. [Partie 3/3]. Gallop … Read more

Bitcoins, NFTs, emails, photos… Inheriting digital heritage, how does it work?

Will anyone ever inherit Satoshi Nakamoto’s virtual fortune? Maybe no one! It completely disappeared in 2011, just two years after the creation of bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Enough time to accumulate a large amount of bitcoins, the value of which is estimated at over a billion dollars. However. He left – no one knows if … Read more

What are Aavegotchi NFT pets and are they worth the $450 entry price?

Aavegotchi is a game that uses NFTs with dynamic attributes to earn crypto by playing minigames and leveling up NFTs, and despite its triple-digit entry price, is one of the most popular Blockchain Play-To-Earn (P2E) games ). Aave (in Finnish means “ghost”) is a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing app that allows users to get cryptocurrency … Read more

LooksRare makes NFT royalties optional

In a slow market, payment of royalties IN NFT sales gnashes his teeth. mARkETS It seems rare decides to return it optionallywaiving a default payment. In 2022, after the decline in cryptocurrency prices, NFT rating and trading volume were down. However, this sector remains profitable for a certain number of players. Reason ? Automatic application … Read more

NFT – Is Aptos a Solana Killer?

The cryptocurrency market looks like a game of musical chairs. With funds and “users” that move according to opportunities, from one network to another. This is to take advantage of the returns and other flights offered when new digital territories are opened. An activity that sometimes comes down to mere passing noise. But in other … Read more

the launch of Tamadoge’s new shared NFT collection

Another collection of NFTs, duplicated Common NFTs, has just been released by Tamadogen. OpenSea, a leading marketplace for NFTs, hosts this collective digital product. 20,000 NFT to Metaverse According to a recent tweet, The new NFT release is said to include 20,000 common Tamadog NFTs, which would help players interact in the upcoming metaverse platform, … Read more