Cisco Talos Suggests Ways to Safely Navigate the Metaverse

The World Wide Web (Web) is currently undergoing the transition to “Web 3.0”, powered by cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, decentralized applications, and file storage. Central to this transition is the development of a 3D experience known as the ‘Metaverse’, a virtual environment where people can shop, play games, spend time with distant friends, attend a concert … Read more

The millions of meters of the metaverse

May 16, 2022 today at 17:55 Hundreds of millions of euros are spent on virtual land. In digital environments, people speculate on land, but they also work on real estate projects. How does that really happen? A few weeks ago, the American Yuga Labs sold virtual land for 320 million euros. Yuga Labs is known … Read more

Metaverse MET AMS festival confirms Azerion, Magnum and Ledger as partners

Amsterdam May 16, 2022 – WITH WHA, the first metaverse festival in Europe, confirms Azerion, Magnum and Ledger as partners. In addition, the metaverse festival announces the collaboration with other brands such as Animoca Brands, CyberKongz, Delta, Mobiquity, Next Earth, Philips TV & Sound and Venly. MET AMS is in and around Gashouder in Amsterdam … Read more

Generate revenue with your content in 2022

Quality content is still ‘king’, but that’s where it starts when you want to make money from your content. In 2022 it’s all about outreach, collaboration with established media companies, and the use of innovative technology. For all companies, the identification of potential customers is in paid media under considerable pressure due to the upcoming … Read more