Today’s Latest NFT News

Why is NFT news interesting? NFT news is currently popular and happening. The year 2021 marked the definitive advance of NFTs within the industry. In 2021, the annual trading volume of this particular form of token reached a total of $40 billion. At the beginning of May 2022, the trading volume for 2022 was already … Read more

Big Time – Play to Win Crypto NFT Games!

With the Big Time game, created by Big Time Studios, a new high-quality decentralized application (dApp) has entered the crypto market. This crypto game is made by developers with many well-known companies on their resume. From Electronic Arts to Disney and Marvel. The expectations around this game are therefore very high! The crypto market is … Read more

“We have proven ourselves”

Tholen – Meteor Systems exists 25 years. The company produces and distributes complete growing systems for (greenhouse) horticulture, as well as more growing systems, irrigation, pipe rail supports, long beams, shelf growing, fruit shelters and growing solutions for NFT, DFT, CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). Its products are used for the cultivation of vegetables, berries, cut … Read more

Is NFT a good idea for your money?

NFT…it’s been almost a year since I’ve come across anything about them. In March of last year I wrote a blog about it: NFT: what’s that again? Was it an exaggeration that soon passed? Well, no. It is still a topic that is talked about a lot on the Internet. NFT influencers scream from rooftops … Read more

Crypto Tokens Go From Hype To Utility

June 10, 2022 today at 18:32 Hypes like NFT and the metaverse are taking a beating in the markets. But the industry is seeing a shift from rapid speculation to projects based more on utility and sustainability. These are confusing times for technology investors. Positive and negative messages alternate at a rapid pace. California venture … Read more

BTC ends the red trend

currency trading Friday, June 10, 2022 4:30 PM This week was the first positive week for the crypto market in a long time. There was a lot of good news from different directions. We also saw the value of Bitcoin slowly turn green, which hadn’t happened for at least 9 weeks. Other cryptocurrencies, such as … Read more