CRM: are NFTs essential now?

A concept popularized by monkey avatars and pixelated punks, NFT today goes beyond that framework to disrupt the relationship between a brand and its customers. What if NFT was imposed on society differently from its artistic application? From the NonFungible analytics site, the collectibles trend, the vector of media coverage of this technology (such as … Read more

At 30, Grandpa SMS is resisting

Maximillien Aguttes, head of development at auction house Aguttes, shows a screen showing a phone with the world’s first text message, a day before it went up for auction as an NFT in Neuilly-sur-Seine, west of Paris, December 20, 2021 ( ALAIN JOCARD / AFP / Archives) “JoyE annivRsR :-)”: in the face of the … Read more

an art NFT under the tree

Instead of an art book or a high-tech product, how about giving an artist’s NFT for Christmas? A gift for geek art lovers… Since 2021, traditional artists have taken over the field of NFT (Non Fungible Tokens or Non Fungible Tokens), these unique digital identifiers associated with a digital file (image, video, etc.) that serve … Read more

a virtual hackathon with Web3 solutions for a more decentralized future

The hackathon organized by the startup was held from November 23 to 28 starts on the topic “building a decentralized future”. Starton is a web3 development kit that allows developers to integrate blockchain into a product with just a few lines of code. Blockchain is this database updated in real time by all users of … Read more

“Digital art will end up being considered an art in itself”: interview with Kook Ewo, creator of Motion + Design

Kook Ewo first became known as a designer graph, his first major success was his work on the film Silent Hill in 2006. He also produces commercials and short films; We owe him, among others, the opening credits of Solomon Kane, Fracture and Splice. From now on, Kook Ewo also works in the field of … Read more