should you choose a 4G or 5G box?

First of all, you should know that not everyone is entitled to 4G and 5G boxes. To access it, your ADSL doesn’t have to be very fast and you don’t have to be acceptable for fiber. If you qualify for fibre, but the connection could not be made, you will be able to access it again, provided of course you have adequate 4G or 5G network coverage! What are the services related to Bouygues Telecom 4G and 5G boxes, how much does it cost and above all, which one to choose? We help you decide between the two of them the best 4G/5G boxes from the moment.

Broadband with Bouygues Telecom 4G box

Do you have good 4G coverage on the Bouygues Telecom network? You can look for the carrier’s 4G box, a compact box that offers a speed up to 10 times faster than ADSL. Bouygues was the first to launch a 4G box for individuals, a non-binding offer with a trial period. It is the ideal solution for increase internet speed !

ABOUT €32.99/month for 12 months (then €42.99/month)the Bouygues 4G box offers access to a speed of 220 Mb/s download and 50 Mb/s transfer. It is possible to connect to Wi-Fi with several devices at the same time (up to 64 simultaneous users). Using it is very simple, just insert the SIM card into the box so that it connects to Bouygues Telecom 4G mobile network and let you enjoy the high speed.

The 4G box allows you to surf the Internet without interruption and watch TV from your smartphone via the application, i.e. more than 70 channels and 25 playbacks. On the equipment side, the 4G box is equipped with an Ethernet socket to provide maximum speed for the device of your choice: tablet, computer, etc.


Very high speed with the Bouygues 5G box

Do you get 5G in your home? It’s even better! Just like the 4G box, just plug in the 5G box to take advantage of it Wi-Fi 6 without slowdown and very high speed up to 1.1 Gbps for download (which is similar to a fiber offer) and Upload 58 Mb/s. It is an ideal box for a family that practices telecommuting, video games or watching movies and series at the same time. The box offers up to 240 simultaneous users and has 5 Ethernet ports to connect more devices than with the 4G box.

On the TV side, again no decoder is offered, but the app to watch more than 70 channels and playbacks via a smartphone or tablet. 5G subscription box of Bouygues cost €39.99/month, always without obligation.

So should you choose a 4G or 5G box?

As we saw above, to qualify for a 4G or 5G box, you don’t need to qualify for fibre. of choice between two boxes then it depends:

  • The quality of your 4G and/or 5G coverage
  • Desired download and transfer speed
  • Number of Ethernet sockets desired for your device
  • Number of concurrent users expected

The 4G box has one higher speed than an ADSL connection, is a good solution to watch your favorite channels on your smartphone, follow social networks and surf the Internet without limits. But for games that require responsiveness, there may be delays related to the mobile network, for example, depending on the number of people connected at the same time.

With the 5G box, the speed will be better than for the 4G box, especially thanks to its compatibility with Wi-Fi 6, which allows more stable connection and better supports multiple simultaneous connections.

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