Internet access in Algeria among the cheapest in the world

Mobile internet has become a basic necessity in our daily life. It is used for communication, work, entertainment and even to access health and financial services. However, the cost of mobile internet varies widely around the world. In Algeria, although the rates are “affordable”, even this mobile connection is subject to much criticism.

From 5G and one gigabyte to 6 Algerian dinars

According to a recent study by mobile data pricing 2022,” rel=”footnote”>1, which analyzed 5,292 mobile plans in 233 countries and territories, it is in Israel that mobile data is the least expensive, with an average cost of 4 euro cents per 1 GB (6 Algerian dinars). Italy comes in second, with an average cost of 12 euro cents per 1GB (17 dinars), thanks to its excellent mobile phone infrastructure and 5G availability.

At the other end of the scale, the most expensive data plans are found in isolated island nations in the South Atlantic, such as St Helena, where a gigabyte costs an average of €40, or almost 6,000 Algerian dinars – a small fortune for the equivalent. 4 hours of viewing in minimum quality on NetflixComment contrôler la quantité de données utilisée par Netflix ?, Netflix” rel=”footnote”>2.

What are the internet connection prices in Algeria?

As for Algeria, we will not consider the results of the study of, which exposes an average price of $0.48/GB with a range of $0.14/GB to $1.70 /GB with data collected in April 2022. Instead, we will calculate the cost per GB based on the prices displayed by Algerian operators on their websites. We will exclusively consider 1-month packages with no commitment. So, according to our calculations, the average cost of one GB in Algeria is around €0.36which is well below the global average of €3.11 per GB.

It is important to note that short-term plans, which are usually promoted by operators on their websites, are overpriced. We will then quote the 3GB package at 300 DZD for 3 days; or 100 DZD/GB, or 0.6 €/GB, and the 1 GB for 100 DZD plan from Djezzy which is the same price and which is only valid for 24 hours. This emphasis on the most expensive and short-term packages is repeated and shared by all operators except Algérie Télécom.

What are the Ooredoo mobile connection charges?

Ooredoo Algeria, a company established in 2002 under the name Nedjma, before being acquired by the Qatari group Ooredoo in 2007 and changing its name, is currently the second largest mobile phone operator in Algeria. On the main page of its website, Ooredoo promotes a 40 GB plan for 1,500 DZD, so at the price of 37.5 DZD/GB (€0.25/GB). In the section dedicated to internet packages, we discover the offers:

  • 6 GB for 500 DZD, so 83 DZD/GB;
  • 15 GB for 1000 DZD, so 66 DZD/GB;
  • 40 GB for 1500 DZD, so 37.5 DZD/GB.

Digging a little deeper on the Qatari operator’s site, you can find a contract offer with a one-year commitment called “Switch”. Its prices are as follows:

  • 50 GB for 1500 DZD, so 30 DZD/GB;
  • 120 GB for 2500 DZD, so 20 DZD/GB;
  • 300 GB for 4000 DZD ie. 13 DZD/GB (noted as an unlimited connection, but the speed is limited after exhausting a volume of 300 GB).

These Switch offers are not only very competitive, but also include free unlimited calls to the Ooredoo network, a flat-rate phone plan (for local calls), as well as a certain amount of free international calls (to France, Canada , the United Kingdom, Spain and some other countries), as well as an additional “data” SIM that shares the data volume of the main chip. This Switch offer will not be considered as it is subject to a commitment for a minimum period of 12 months. In this way, the average GB price on Ooredoo is 62 DZD, or €0.42/GB.

What is the price of mobile connection in Djezzy?

The leading mobile operator in Algeria, with more than 18 million subscribers, Djezzy is also the largest mobile operator in North and West Africa. Djezzy was established in 2001 and was owned by the Orascom Telecom group and the Veon group, before being nationalized by the Algerian state.La nationalisation de Djezzy a coûté 682 millions de dollars à l’État algérien” rel=”footnote”>3. Indeed, since 2010, the Algerian government sought to acquire a majority stake in the company, but without success until 2014, when it finally bought 51% of the capital of Orascom Telecom Algérie for $2.643 billion. In July 2021, the Veon group announced its decision to sell all its shares held in Djezzy to the Algerian state. This sale took place in July 2022.

On its website, the brand with the iconic slogan ” old life (life of life!)” features a 60GB plan for 2000 DZD. On the web packages page, Djezzy displays above all its 24-hour plans – the most expensive – but also a marketing argument: the second subscription is half the price, assuming the customer makes it on time. Here we consider only the first subscription with a duration of 1 month. The fees are as follows:

  • 6 GB for 500 DZD, so 83 DZD/GB;
  • 15 GB for 1000 DZD, so 66 DZD/GB;
  • 30 GB for 1500 DZD, so 50 DZD/GB;
  • 60 GB for 2000 DZD, so 33 DZD/GB.

In this way, the average price per gigabyte on Djezzy is 58 DZD, equivalent to €0.38according to the norms of the Bank of Algeria.

What are the mobile connection prices in Mobilis?

Mobilis was established in 2003 and belongs to the national company Algérie Télécom. On its website, Mobilis promotes a 90GB data package and 400 dinar calls for 2000 DZD (€13 at official rate) – a competitive rate of 22 dinars/GB that goes so far as to defy logic. prices applied to reserved mobile data plans. In this regard, Mobilis offers an “Internet pass” at 1000 DZD for 10 GB (ie 100 DZD/GB) or at 2000 DZD for 25 GB (ie 80 DZD/GB), as well as a “Navigui pass”:

  • 10 GB for 1000 DZD, so 100 DZD/GB;
  • 25 GB for 2000 DZD, so 80 DZD/GB;
  • 80 GB for 6000 DZD in 3 months, so 75 DZD/GB;
  • 300 GB for 15,000 DZD in 6 months, so 50 DZD/GB.

Therefore, it is only in a period of more than 3 months that the tariffs applied by Mobilis approach the average of the competition. Even the 6-month plan is more expensive than the 1-month plans of other operators, especially since it will cost 15,000 dinars to get the average price of the competition. Thus, Mobilis, with an average of 80 DZD/GB (€0.54/GB), is at the bottom of this “ranking” of mobile connection prices in Algeria.

Algeria Telecom, an affordable alternative to other operators

Although Algérie Telecom’s Idoom LTE offer is not strictly a “mobile” offer, the technology used remains the same (4G) and the SIM provided can be used in a compatible phone. With its LTE network, Algérie Télécom creates a very strong contrast with other mobile operators and can boastan average of 11 dinars for 1 GB. Thus, the “Idoom LTE” plans are:

  • 40 GB for 1000 DZD, so 25 DZD/GB;
  • 150 GB for 1500 DZD, so 10 DZD/GB;
  • 300 GB for 2500 DZD (valid for 2 months), so 8.33 DZD/GB;
  • 450 GB for 3500 DZD (valid for 3 months), so 7.77 DZD/GB;
  • 1000 GB for 6500 DZD (valid for 6 months), so 6.5 DZD/GB.

Summary: How much does a mobile internet connection cost in Algeria?

Chart showing the price, in euros, of 100 GB of mobile data in Algeria. Data: January 24, 2023. Source: ObserveAlgeria.

Offers presented by 3 telephone operators Ooredoo, Djezzy and Mobilis vary from 100 dinars/GB to 33 dinars/GB (from €0.68/GB to €0.22/GB) with a mean of 69 DZD/GB (€0.47/GB) and a standard deviation of 21 dinars (€0.14). Offers LTE of Algeria Telecom crushes all competition with a price between 25 and 6.5 DZD/GB ie. between 17 and 5 euro cents, or 1 cent more than in Israel, the first in the world ranking. A big win for the national operator, which can here take advantage of its dominant position to lower the prices of an offer reserved for rural areas that do not yet have cable connections.

Operator The maximum The minimum
Ooredoo 83 DZD/GB 37 DZD/GB
Jazzy 83 DZD/GB 33 DZD/GB
Mobilis 100 DZD/GB 50 DZD/GB
Algeria Telecom (Idoom LTE) 25 DZD/GB 6.5 DZD/GB

Internet in Algeria: Free access, but mediocre service

Although the costs of internet in Algeria are relatively low, the telecommunications infrastructure leaves much to be desired. Of course, recent years have seen the opening of new submarine cables connecting Algeria to other countries in the Mediterranean basin – such as the megaproject jellyfishSubmarine Cable Map” rel=”footnote”>4Le Maroc parmi les bénéficiaires du méga-projet de fibre optique Medusa,” rel=”footnote”>5 – or upgrading existing continental cablesAlgérie : le gouvernement fait du haut débit un axe prioritaire de sa politique générale, Agence Ecofin” rel=”footnote”>6, but bandwidth management by Algérie Telecom and other operators is far from meeting the demand of a country entering the internet age. At a time when technology is advancing rapidly and where every device – from a personal computer to a refrigerator – needs the Internet, and when people spend a large portion of their time consuming bandwidth-intensive content – ​​leave this or a resource on Instagram or Netflix streaming – the slow connection during the matches of the Algerian football team no longer has its place.

Indeed, it is important to note that in terms of speed and stability, Algeria is among the last countries in the world according to Ookla statistics, which ranks the country 119 out of 141 in December 2022.Algerian Median Country Speeds December 2022,” rel=”footnote”>7. of current flows offered by operators Djezzy, Mobilis and Ooredoo – even Algérie Telecom with its LTE offering – are well below the speeds advertised on their websites and in their promotional material. of stability is another Internet black spot in Algeria – with systematic blockages, slowness and even cuts that are never publicly acknowledged or communicated – much less announced in advance – by these companies, which prefer ostrich politicsbut who still make sure to maintain a presence on social networks by publishing parentmini-games and quizzes or wishing a ” Friday Mubarak » every Friday in them followers.

It is important that the Algerian authorities take steps to improve the telecommunications infrastructure and encourage operators to offer more competitive prices to consumers. Algerie Telecom can also invest more and replace the old ADSL cable network with newer technologies such as fiber optics. This would not only improve internet access, but also boost the country’s economic development and growth – especially as there is an emphasis on start-ups and the development of the monetary system towards ‘all digital’, he announced the creation of a Algerian digital dinarLa différence entre cryptomonnaie et monnaie numérique en Algérie, Contribution” rel=”footnote”>8.

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