Expert in telecommuting, therapist in the metaverse… these atypical professions that may soon explode

Isabelle Rouhan and Clara-Doïna Schmelck claim, in their book “Professions of the Future”, that 85% of the professions that will be growing in 2030 do not yet exist. But some promising work has already emerged. Here are some.

Telecommunications expert

Few employers do not allow their employees to work remotely. They often find their way to find the right formulas, between the occasional use of distance learning, “full distance” (100% distance work) or even remote work from abroad. Some choose to call in experts in the field to help them retain the employees they seek flexibility. According to Bloomberg, companies are seeking advice from professors who have written essays or books about telecommuting. Of course, we will have to wait a little longer before the use of these experts becomes widespread, but there is no doubt that remote work is here to stay.

Therapist in the Metaverse

According to the tech giants, we’ll soon be spending a lot of our time in the metaverse. This virtual universe will provide access to a multitude of services, especially in health. Psychologists and psychoanalysts foresee this not-so-distant future using virtual reality as a non-drug solution in their therapies. Some believe that these new technologies may even have beneficial therapeutic effects on their patients, children or adults. Cybertherapy Coming Soon?ethical hacker

Businesses, communities, hospitals… No one is spared from cybercriminals attacking computer systems. But hackers don’t necessarily intend to be illegal. They could be put at the service of public administrations and companies to help protect them from cyber attacks. And for good reason, cybercrime would cost large French companies €8.6 million, according to an international study by Accenture Security and the Ponemon Institute dating from 2019. Business leaders have every interest in surrounding themselves with IT specialists – are able to protect their critical data and find flaws in their security system. Who better than a hacker for this?


Disconnected or searching for meaning, more and more employees are distance themselves from their society. While HRDs carry out short-term or structural actions to fight against professional disengagement, some specialists are also positioning themselves in this promising market segment. But helping employees get out of a job. With that in mind, American Danielle Baskin set out The decreator in 2017. This platform allows anyone who has doubts about their professional development to talk about it for free with a recruiter. A new form of training was born.

Event specialist

Training always attracts more managers who want to transform their experience into expertise. Some converts to the association now specialize in the power of “manifestation,” a method of personal development that combines spirituality and positive psychology. They teach their clients to “manifest” their dreams and desires. Although this method is in no way based on scientific research, it is very popular on social networks. What prompts some consultants to explore this fine (dubious) vein. Baby name consultant

Choosing a name for a newborn is not always easy. Should we be original or favor the old classics? Then the parents decide to call the consultants to guide them. They offer them different First name depending on various factors, such as the lifestyle of the parents, their origin or the place where they live. If this new form of exercise can surprise, it could be developed with the good health of the baby market in mind.

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