More than 200 professions represented this year at Orientation Night in Nevers

Because it is not easy to think only about your future, your profile and your motivations, the Nièvre Chamber of Commerce and Industry is again organizing the Orientation Night. A meeting to support young people in their thinking and to put them in touch with business leaders or guidance professionals. All in a festive atmosphere.

“This year, more than 200 professions will be represented throughout the evening to help young people find their way. There have never been so many,” notes Céline Montigny, head of the entrepreneurial space at the CCI of Nievre.

High school and high school students will be able to roam freely in the four spaces made available.

An “individual guidance advice” space.

Here, participants will be able to meet National Education psychologists to try to find answers to their questions.

A “mini-company practice” space.

In this space, they will be able to gather information and methods to carry out a five-day internship in commercial, industrial and craft companies, but also in the free professions, associations or public companies.

“The mini-internship in a company is part of the strategies put in place to test certain professions. These are exploratory practices that will be carried out during the school holidays”, specifies Céline Montigny.

A “speed dating” space for professions

About forty professionals will animate speed dating. They will refer to their background and their professional experience. In particular, young people will be able to discuss with a real estate agent, a farmer, an architect, a lawyer, a hairdresser, a beautician, a communications officer, an interior decorator, a sports educator, a graphic designer, a notary, soldiers or health professionals.

A “virtual reality” multimedia space.

This space, run by the company Métiers 360, will provide ten virtual reality headsets that allow total immersion in more than 170 professions.

In numbers

  • 800 people attended Orientation Night in 2022.
  • 34 professionals were present in the “speed dating of professions” space.
  • 220 During the evening, immersive experiences were performed through 8 virtual reality headsets.
  • 47% among the young visitors were high school students, 51% high school students and
    2% post-graduation students.

Elisa Zem

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