Launch of the “Les entreprises s’engage” network in Haute-Loire

Companies mobilized for a more inclusive society and a sustainable world

“Les entreprises s’engage” is a community of businesses that wish to develop their practices to respond to social or environmental issues. This includes, for example, promoting access to employment for people who are far from the labor market, or implementing actions that contribute to the energy and ecological transition.

The objective is to structure a network of companies already engaged or willing to engage in a virtuous approach to social inclusion and/or sustainable development, in order to:

- meet their needs, especially in terms of recruitment

- increase their practices and their social engagements

- create emulation to spread and inspire this dynamic in the territories

In this context, the state services (Directorate of Employment, Labour, Solidarity and Protection of the Population) launched this initiative in Haute-Loire on September 9, 2022, with various representatives of the economic and public employment service.

This meeting created a common desire to increase and multiply Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approaches to meet recruitment needs and contribute to the attractiveness of professions. These exchanges made it possible to define a departmental guide whose animation was entrusted by the state Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Haute-Loire, whose role is to convey the dynamics of this network. Thanks to its territorial presence and communication capacities with all companies in the department, the CCI of Haute-Loire can legitimately carry out this mission: raise awareness of new companies, organize events or collective actions and monitor companies’ commitments .

Project partners

To support companies in this process, in addition to the state (DDETSPP) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Loire, several partners have been engaged such as Pôle Emploi, Cap Emploi, Missions Locales, MEDEF, Foundation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE ), The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, the Confederation of Craftsmen and Small Construction Companies (CAPEB) and representatives of companies or business clubs in the Altiliger region. These partners joined as part of the first batch of the project launched on 10/11/2022.

A principle of mutual engagement and cooperation: sharing to prosper together

Companies that join the community voluntarily engage through the implementation of concrete actions, such as

RECRUIT: employ people who are far from employment and who have difficulties in social and professional integration

DIRECT: offer internships, professional immersion for craft discovery, sponsorships;

TO BUY: building a responsible purchasing strategy;

INNOVATE: to mobilize employees and make social innovation a challenge for the company (patronage, mentoring, sponsorship), commitment to solidarity access to products and services, innovative approaches to employment and inclusion;

Companies and partners are ready to commit to actions that are mainly in the following areas:

1/ Orientation of young people and discovery of trades;

2/ Sustainable development;

3/ Support and recruitment of persons with disabilities.

In return, the State and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Loire undertake to facilitate and support the implementation of their voluntary commitments relying on the public service for integration and ‘work’. The challenge is to create a dynamic that reinforces social cohesion and encourages people to think and build the dedicated company of tomorrow.

Signing the commitment card

The Prefect of Haute-Loire and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Loire officially signed a charter of mutual commitments with the companies on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

What opportunities for businesses?

Commitment to this network will allow companies to:

gROW their image, their values ​​and their employer brand in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

EXPERIMENT new practices in favor of recruitment or development of the attractiveness of professions

HELD local business opportunities linked to the territorial and social impact of the initiatives undertaken and thanks to a reinforcement of their territorial anchoring

YOU BETTER KNOW support systems and assistance for inclusion, in cooperation with the partners of the Public Employment Service.

They have already joined the network…

Some companies have already formalized their registration in the network (Michelin, Darty Cuisine, Mc Donalds, Sabarot Wassner, etc.)

All companies are welcome, regardless of their size and field of activity!

To know more

An ambition and a dynamic structured at the national level

“Les entreprises s’engage” is the French community of businesses committed to an inclusive society and a sustainable world, initiated by the President of the Republic since 2018. It brings together 65,000 businesses, 101 departmental clubs and 300 people mobilized to bring movement to life every day across France. He leads new coalitions that bring together companies of all sizes, state services and local authorities, associations and dedicated leaders from all walks of life.

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