full information on Apple’s mixed reality headset

According to sources close to the subject, Apple’s mixed reality headset will simply be defeated.

As usual, it’s Bloomberg’s unstoppable Mark Gurman who returns with a ton of information on the possibilities of mixed reality headset eApple. This should justify its price of around 3,000 dollars by the presence of numerous cameras and sensors which will obviously allow manipulations without a dedicated controller.

An impressive helmet

Reading Gurman’s long article published in Bloomberg, we understand that this advanced $3,000 price tag for Apple’s Reality Pro is not so exaggerated and that the mixed reality headset will be a real technological showcase for the brand. Incidentally, as Gurman points out, it’s worth noting that the headphones will be the first real new product line for Apple since the release of the Apple Watch in 2015.

To attract the public and sell its helmet, the Apple giant intends to take advantage of its unique control potential. Indeed, according to Gurman’s well-informed sources, the Reality Pro will be equipped with multiple external and internal cameras, which along with sensors will be able to read and analyze hand and eye movements. Thus, it would be possible to look at an object on the screen and simply pinch your thumb and forefinger to activate it. Therefore, there is no need for a lever, unlike helmet flaws or PS VR 2 which will be released in February.

Apple’s headset will be able to faithfully model our interlocutor, also wearing a headset, during a Face Time call. © Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock

Gurman goes on to say that the headphones will have a crown button similar to the one found on the Apple Watch. It would make it possible to move from virtual reality in augmented reality mode easily and quickly. It can also serve as an external monitor for a Mac. Thus, a person equipped with a helmet will be able to navigate his computer with a mouse and keyboard, and the interface will be displayed on the lens.

An iPhone-like user experience

Among the intriguing features of this mixed reality headset, Face Time calls between two people are meant to take interactions further. The helmet will use the power of its M2 chip in particular to realistically model the face and body of the interlocutor. A feature initially limited to calls between two people, the power required to be too high to model more people.

Apple wants to provide an immersive video content viewing experience and may make changes to its Apple TV+ service in the future to make it compatible with headphones. The device’s speakers aren’t built for these experiences, so you’ll likely need to use AirPods to access the optimized sound.

People using an iPhone or iPad should not be confused by the Reality Pro interface. This should really look a lot like an interface of portable devices from the Apple brand, but in 3D. Thus, users will have access to the Safari browser, photos, videos or even the calendar. The helmet benefiting from a large power, Apple would have worked on an external battery to avoid overheating, and not an internal battery as in competing helmets.

Gurman’s sources told him that this battery, which will be carried in a pocket and connected to the helmet with a cable, should be as heavy as two iPhone 14 Pro Max on top of each other and would offer a life of about two hours.

Finally, the announcement of the headset would still be scheduled for spring, although the date could change at the last minute. Production is expected to begin in February, and the headset can initially be sold exclusively in the United States. The giant would plan to sell one million units in the first year. Absolutely not enough to make a profit according to the journalist’s informants, but Apple would see it in the long run. Brand it would also work on a cheaper helmet (about $1,500) for 2024 or 2025.

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