parents file a fraud complaint against Natal Market

Twenty families are filing a complaint against Natal Market, a website that sells baby items, which they accuse of never delivering or refunding them. Site owners who claim they have committed no wrongdoing are already known to the courts.

The arrival of a child is a lot of happiness but also a whole logistics to anticipate. Especially with the stroller, “must-have”, but expensive. The reflex is obviously to go online to compare prices. One of the first sites referred to in Google is Natal Market. They have stores in Paris, Lyon, Marseille. Something to inspire confidence. And yet… Camélia paid €330 for a stroller ordered last August. Her daughter was born in October. The cart never arrived.

“Even in the maternity ward, in the labor room, I tried to call him asking where he is. It’s very disturbing because it’s a moment in life that should be magical…”, she tells RMC.

More than 300 parents are crying fraud

On Facebook, a page called out “Natal Market Fraud” unites more than 300 parents. Among them, about sixty families have contacted the RMC. Taken together, their orders amount to more than €35,000. How many times, Natal Market justified themselves by talking about problems related to the war in Ukraine, Covid-19 or even suppliers.

Except after verification, the brand babyzen claims for RMC that there is no supply problem. Worse, the supplier Cybex informs us that it has suspended all cooperation with Natal Market for several months. Today, the site still exists, but we can no longer order and the stores are all closed.

Owners already known to justice

Natal Market belongs to Gwenaelle Mountary. This entrepreneur owns a bunch of companies with similar names: Natal Development, Natal Distribution, Natal Maternity. RMC has identified ten. And she and her husband James are known for fairness.

The Mountary couple were sentenced in 2021 to pay 40,000 euros in damages, compensation and interest, for parasitism. They had created a website that looked like another, thereby deceiving customers. And James Mountary was not on his first try: in 2015, he had already received an 18-month suspended prison sentence and a €30,000 fine for fraudulent trading practices.

“It’s harder to report a scam than to cheat”

The parents hope to take the company to court. 20 families that RMC contacted reported fraud, such as Pierre, the father of little Victor.

“We capture the Paris prosecutor’s office, we can capture everything and the status quo… It is not moving forward. We are a bit of a joke, we tell ourselves that it is more difficult to report a scam than to cheat: the site is in France, the bank account is in France and the managers are French, everything is there and nothing is happening, we would like an investigation to be done, to go to the police a little, to answer a little for their actions, this would make us very happy”, he adds.

We contacted the Paris prosecutor’s office, which had nothing to communicate on the matter at this time. As for the manager Natal MarketGwenaelle Mountary, she assures RMC in writing that she has committed no wrongdoing, citing simple delays and undertaking to refund or deliver all her clients.

Amélie Rosique, Joanna Chabas and Elise Denjean

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