Meta Quest V49: three new additional features announced in the next update

We have already told you about v49 through one dedicated articlebut new features added this week. In the program, new options for parents who will be able supervise their children’s activities better, a welcome update to the environments Meta ANDintegration of an “immersive” option in the Do Not Disturb function.

  • New environment and new locations:

Since the launch of Oculus Quest, Meta usable media distilled by mass in house of the helmet. Indeed, after two years, there are only about fifteen available to date. Fortunately, do-it-yourselfers know how to install, or even create, using tape (see our tutorial here) but it seems that Meta please spend the second and thus offer new ones every month. Last month it was the snowy landscape of ” Polar village » and this month, it’s a more abstract space aptly named ” Abstraction » which made its appearance (the one used in the thumbnail above). However, which is supposed to arrive with the V49, it is already available to many of us. Another ad on the same topic, Meta plans to give more freedom by providing more anchor points for our avatars. It’s even hinted that we should be able to sit virtually on the set’s ottomans and sofas. Therefore, this should be possible in future environments, but older ones need to be updated accordingly. Of course, we have to hope that the different placements are well thought out to avoid looking behind the scenes, which more often than not remain “messed up” as we have shown several times, as in this video.

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Meta wants to pour into pedagogy with him new websitewhich will be used to configure and manage Meta Quest’s parental control tools. Thus it will be possible, without going through the helmet itself or the smartphone application, to block the launch of applications according to PEGI (3, 7, 12, 16 or 18+), to prevent connection to a computer (link AND Air connection), lock developer mode or shorten social links (Worlds of the Horizon, Facebook, MESSENGERetc.). In practice, the person whose account will be moderated (your teenager, for example) will have to request it via an invitation that you will accept. This is a very good thing because it means that the “surveillance” is done in full transparency and with consent.

  • Do Not Disturb option.

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The “do not disturb” function, ie. snoozing notifications – whether from headphones or a smartphone – was available through the eponymous settings menu or through an icon in the quick menu. Until today, this option was in “all or nothing” mode and had to be enabled manually. From V49, a new option called “Immersive Experiences” will appear, which, if checked, will automatically block messages as soon as a game or app is opened in VR.. So this is not about what works in 2D (browser and other Android app). Simple and practical.

As usual, if you are inside v49 and you don’t have all these features, it’s quite normal given the way Meta continues with our VR headset update. Moreover, if you are curious to know more about this point, we invite you read this article.

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