LegaVote: a completely secure online voting solution

To provide an online voting solution that is reliable, easy to use, completely secure and complies with GDPR regulations: this is the company’s objective. LegaVote.

The French company now offers one electronic voting system innovative, making it possible to meet the new digital needs of its customers: a digitization of processes which has also accelerated since the advent of the health crisis. In accordance with the new legislation in force and the latest recommendations of the CNIL, the solution developed by LegaVote is currently recognized by many independent experts.

Beyond the simple use of this online voting tool, we want to provide our customers with full support from A to Z. Indeed, our team of the project helps them to meet their various needs, especially legal ones, either for the organization of an election, or, for example, for the drafting of various decrees. “says Eva Perréol, herself a project manager within the company.

In addition to benefiting from personalized support, users benefit from an ergonomic and extremely easy-to-use voting platform created using a UX Designer. Therefore, people who are not comfortable with new technologies will not have difficulty participating in the vote.

An electronic voting system with many advantages

While in 2023 many companies will have to renew their CSE, the electronic voting system via the Internet today seems to be a really important tool for organizing these ballots in the best conditions.

If holding these elections usually requires considerable organization for the company, remote voting makes it possible to eliminate many time-consuming steps, whether for example preparing the ballot and ballot papers, waiting for voters all day, or even counting. Every employee can now vote in seconds, even remotely, in a completely secure way. Officials will be able to directly track the turnout rate and, if necessary, send reminders to voters by email or SMS.

HR provides us with an electoral list with the names of the candidates that we integrate into the platform ourselves, to prepare the ballot. With the increase in remote work, this remote voting solution makes it possible to mobilize a maximum of employees and save considerable time, especially when counting with the results available immediately, without having to count several times! adds Adrien Baborier, Technical Director of LegaVote.

CERFA forms, which make it possible to announce the results, are automatically generated by the platform at the end of the election, then signed electronically by the members of the office. LegaVote being a partner of the Ministry of Labour, these results are automatically sent to the Ministry for the calculation of trade union representation.

An available solution for all kinds of choices

This 100% dematerialized solution can now be used for different types of votes — from 10 to 5 million voters — be it elections for a CSE, board of directors, university elections, but also votes during general assemblies, referenda, or even for professional election for public service, as happened last December.

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These civil service elections represented a real challenge for our society, with a large number of votes organized across France during the same week. Despite this very large volume of votes, we were able to achieve them; this experience shows both LegaVote’s expertise in its field, but also its ability to support many clients in organizing their polls, whatever they may be! “, concludes Eva Perréol.

Capable of deciding the election in just three days, the LegaVote company appears today as a key player in the organization of online voting by secret ballot. This completely “Made in France” solution, developed by the company’s technical teams from Lyon, supports many public and private players every year, between personalized support, ease of use of the platform and high level of security. for the proper conduct of the ballot.

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