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Instabridge: Free WiFi everywhere with Instabridge

Whether you’re on a computer, Android or iPhone, it’s now possible to surf the web for free with a good internet connection simply by using the right trick.

Free Wi-Fi is now accessible especially in bars, large squares, transport, tourist offices, sales points, cafeterias and town halls.


You can search and connect to them for free through the Instabridge program, in the Wi-Fi tool, through the WiFi Map application or through the Facebook social network.

Find out in this article, for each of the aforementioned methods, how to make an open and free WiFi while you are anywhere in the world, which will allow you to save money.

Choose Instabridge to get free WiFi wherever you are

Instabridge is one of the best apps to connect to free WiFi networks regardless of your geographic location. Today, it has millions of users around the world who regularly share passwords on different WiFi networks around them to help the community.

What are the features of the Instabridge app?

The networks available on Instabridge are completely legal and free. The main advantage of this application is that it works perfectly even offline.

It also offers its users the ability to automatically connect to WiFi networks not only on Android, iPad, but also on iOS.

In addition, it offers its users the option of using its mapping system to search for accessible WiFi near them.

Apart from all these aspects, it supports various protocols (WEP, WAP3, WAP and WAP2) among others.

For users who want to check their data usage, it provides detailed statistics on data usage as well as browsing speed.

Where can you download the Instabridge software?

Instabridge is available for free download on the Google Play Store, but also on the official website of the Instabridge brand

Once you’re in the Play Store app, type “Instabridge” in the search bar, start the search, and then install the Instabridge software. After installation, register. This will give you access to the list of access points registered there.

To know the password of one of them, just select one and then click on “Show password”. To access the WiFi map, simply click on the “Map” tab.

Free WiFi Finder and WiFi Connection Tool

Like other apps, WeFi helps you find accessible hotspots near you, whether online or offline, regardless of your geographic location.

It even offers its users a special option to allow them to automatically connect to the first available WiFi or disconnect from it in case of no WiFi network.

For more convenience of use, WeFi proposes you to evaluate the availability as well as the quality of each network before the connection history to help you choose the network that corresponds to your needs. To get it, go to the Play Store, search for “WeFi – Free WiFi”, then install the first program that appears on the screen.

Then open the WeFi application and click on the button located at the top left to display the list of all access points that are nearby. Once you’re on a particular access point, tap Show Password to display its password.

Free WiFi passwords and hotspots with WiFi Map

In the Wi-Fi Map app, you will find more than two million Hotspots that you can easily connect to for free Wi-Fi connection. With it, you will be able to:

  • decrypt keys and passwords (connection codes) of Wi-Fi networks open to the public in the region where you are by clicking on the network that suits you;
  • filter available networks according to your location in order to choose one whose connection speed is close to what you are looking for;
  • navigate the map Map available in the tool to identify among the networks closest to you the one that suits you.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll never think about hacking your neighbor’s WiFi again because you’ll have access to tons of free WiFi available in your area.

The tool has a smart search bar that will greatly facilitate your existence during your search on the WiFi map provided by WiFi Map.

What are the features of WiFi Map?

Wi-Fi Map is a free program that has a bunch of hotspots all over the world. It is available for free download on the Google Play Store. It will be very useful when you are thinking of traveling abroad or to a remote part of the world.

It has an ingenious search system with which you can choose your connection option according to your location. It is an application that can be used on iPhone, iPad, laptop and Android.

The only major downside for now is that it’s only available in English in a free version, but also in a paid version for more options.

The paid version, for example, helps you to display all Wi-Fi access points around the world and gives you the possibility to consult them offline.

Like the Instabridge tool, WiFi Map is available for free download on iPhone and Android from the Google Play Store. You will also find it on some online sites like

Find a WiFi connection using Facebook

If you use the social network Facebook, you should know that since last summer, its manager has integrated a new additional feature called “Find WiFi”.

This helps you identify from your smartphone the free Wi-Fi accessible in your environment with the opening hours of each establishment entered. Thanks to its geolocation feature, you will be able to find free internet access near you.

To find this Facebook Find WiFi feature, log in to your Facebook account from the Facebook app. Then click on its menu located in the upper right corner, scroll down the page, press “Find WiFi” and then allow access to your location.

Click on “Start”, select from the list of available WiFi in the “Map” option, the WiFi access point of your choice and get the most out of it.

Bonus tips to get free WiFi everywhere

Instead of the WiFi Map tool, you can use the WiFi Finder app to find WiFi networks near you and connect to them when the time is right.

These two tools are roughly similar, as they allow getting quite similar results and allow their users to perform a search through the map of their location.

Another key feature of WiFi Finder is that it offers you the ability to download maps of accessible WiFi networks around you and then use them later offline without any internet connection.

At the same time, a better alternative to the Instabridge platform is WiFi Master. It remains quite practical.

It also has millions of WiFi hotspots that its users have shared their passwords for in order to benefit the community. Completely secure, it is accessible in several languages

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