Cherbourg: who can help me set up my box?

Some associations or organizations are there to help you set up your box. (©PxHere)

Do you have an idea, a project, that you would like to realize? Whether in Cherbourg, the Cotentin or further afield in Normandy, there are several doors to knock on to get a helping hand.

The Normandy Address and its “Catapult.”

L’Normandy Address is a regional association that helps project promoters develop their social enterprises.

For this, the organization provides some free support courseswhich an incubation course called Catapult. For one year, the “incubates” benefit from enhanced support to promote their projects with a strong social and environmental impact, through personalized support, training days, expert advice, outreach events, etc. .

Some Cotentin entrepreneurs have already benefited from it, such as Emeric de la Bretèche, who created Back to Bâti, a material recycling companyor Sarah Wolf, who will soon open her Braderie des petits in Cherbourg :

The Catapult Incubator gave me the keys and knowledge to launch my activity (cost, communication, impact measurement). It is also a facilitator of meetings between partners and entrepreneurs in the region. A real boost for a young entrepreneur!

Sarah Wolf

2. Adi to help you

L’Do you know (Association for the right of economic initiative) is a national association whose mission is to provide access to entrepreneurship and employmentthrough microcredits and support, targeting especially people who do not have access to bank loans.

“Because we believe that no one should be prevented from creating, developing their project”, explains Sophia Karayotov, advisor of Adie in Cherbourg.

Adie, located throughout France for more than 30 years, offers to support and finance the leaders of projects that are not supported by banks.

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In Cherbourg, this was the case for Ouma Diallo, who opened Zaib Racine, his shop of African productsrue François-La Vieille, 2 years ago.

“Mrs. Diallo had a big project. But she was starting from scratch, she was only 23 years old and she was in the RSA, explains Sophia Karayotov. She did not have the profile to be supported by a bank, but thanks to Adi’s support and advice, she was able to open her own business. »

We are here to provide solutions and facilitate access to the company.

Sophia Karayotov

The next informative meeting “Create your own box? Come discuss it! » will take place on Tuesday 31 January, from 9:30 to 11:00, at 3, rue de Franche-Comté in Cherbourg (Business Hall).

To register, contact Sophia Karayotov on 06 82 33 91 98 or online at the Adie website:

3. All for them… as the name suggests

All for them is an association that brings together women entrepreneurs from the Cotentin… and helps those who have projects to start. The association now has more than 100 members, all with different profiles, formations and sectors of activity.

Every year the association organizes a competition equipped with a good prize envelope, thanks to many partners, and providing an incentive to many women to start or maintain their own business.

Fanny Titaux was one of the winners in 2022. A former childcare assistant, the young woman created Fanny Well Born in October 2021, a welfare and counseling office, to help new parents in the first months with their newborn.

She had applied to the competition All so that they could give themselves a boost and some visibility. “Now, I had to present my project to the jury and that alone requires you to gain confidence. »

A successful bet for Fanny, who won the Coup de coeur award in the “Young shoot” category. Beyond the monetary reward, what Fanny retains most of all from this experience is the visibility and legitimacy it has given her:

The “This All for Her” award gave me confidence. Of course I was very proud of it, but it also strengthened my image with clients.

Fanny Titaux
of 2023 contest it was launched a few days ago and interested women have until February 24 to apply. Information on the website

4. Promote your ideas!

Booost meetings are organized once a month by entrepreneurs from Cotentin, to share their ideas, their contacts and give advice to those who want to start.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 27 at DreamAway, the virtual reality room in Cherbourg… but it’s already full! Follow the information at the Booost Facebook page to know the dates of the next meeting and to exchange information and advice between entrepreneurs.


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