Apple Mixed Reality headset: iOS-style interface, AR/VR switch, second screen for Mac and more

Apple’s mixed reality headset, which can be called Reality Proa little more is revealed today with some information shared by Bloomberg. The product should see the light of day in 2023.

Some details about the Reality Pro helmet

Apple will offer an interface reminiscent of iOS on its mixed reality headset, with some features already available on the iPhone and iPad. The headset can also act as a second display for your Mac. macOS will be displayed in virtual reality and controlled with a mouse/trackpad and a physical keyboard.

Apple wants to provide an iOS-style interface so that users can find a similar experience and know what to do when navigating through menus. They will not be disappointed. In particular, there will be a home screen and icons for launching applications, as well as customizable accessories.

On the other hand, eye and hand tracking will be a major selling point for the headset, with Apple using external cameras capable of analyzing the user’s hands and eyes. The user will be able to control the headset by looking at an item on the screen to select it, then using gestures to activate the item on the screen.

Also, the headset will be able to switch from augmented reality to virtual reality. Augmented reality superimposes virtual objects on the real world, while virtual reality immerses the user in a completely virtual environment. The augmented reality features will work through a switch mode that will use the headset’s external cameras, and switching from augmented reality to virtual reality will be done using a control button similar to the crown present on the Apple Watch.

Mixed Render AR VR Headset Apple

Entertainment and software applications

Apple also plans to focus on video conferencing. Users will find functionality based on FaceTime. A user’s face and body will be rendered in virtual reality for interactive dating, with realistic avatars available for 1v1 chats. Multi-Party FaceTime will use less detailed icons like Memojis.

Of course, entertainment will also be part of it. Apple is working with several groups such as Disney and Dolby to offer virtual reality content. Adjustments are also being made to Apple TV+ movies and series so that everyone can watch them with Apple’s mixed reality headset. The idea is that users get the impression that they are looking at a very large screen in an empty environment, such as a desert.

On the apps side, users can expect Safari, Photos, Mail, Messages, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Podcasts and Calendar. There will also be a specific App Store to download apps. It will be possible to use Siri to write text, as well as his iPhone, iPad or Mac. Apple is working on an airstrike feature, but it’s not expected to be ready at launch.

No problem for those with prescription glasses

By the way, what will happen to those who wear glasses? Apple will offer custom lenses that can be placed on the case, and the manufacturer expects users to wear the AirPods to get an audio experience equivalent to the visual experience provided by the headphones, although there are built-in speakers.

Apple XR headphones

Also, the headset will have an external battery to prevent it from overheating on a user’s face due to the high-end chips used for the device. The chips will have similar power to that of a Mac. The battery is roughly the size of two iPhone 14 Pro Max models stacked on top of each other and will power the headset for about two hours. An external battery will allow users to swap out one battery and charge another to use the device for a longer period of time.

Finally, Apple’s mixed reality headset will feature 4K MicroLED displays, more than a dozen cameras, iris tracking, facial expression detection, and more.

Presentation by Apple expected to take place in spring 2023 and the release would take place in the fall. The price would be around $3,000 and Apple Stores will have a dedicated area, especially for demonstrations.

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