3 reasons to go to the first innovation fair in Menton

To discover the latest in innovation

In a context of deep and more comprehensive transformation, we say yes to innovation, but at the service of the territory and its inhabitants! For this first edition, it is indeed innovation “in all its forms” that is highlighted. In particular the innovations that will change the future of the French Riviera in our daily lives. And this, whether related to new technologies, IT or digital. Because this disruption today affects all sectors, all professions and all environments, whether rural or urban. Transport, soft mobility, tourism, energy, environment or agriculture are all areas united during this event.

Between companies, research laboratories, training institutions and other local actors, more than thirty French or international companies and new businesses meet with professionals and the general public to present their services or innovative products. Innovative solutions proposed by experts that are sure to improve the user experience, increase a value proposition or even reduce costs. Big challenges, especially for companies. Because in this context of permanent evolutions that affect their activities and performances, the latter face the need to transform themselves to remain competitive in their market. And this, in a sustainable development approach.

To understand current issues and prepare for the future

Specifically, you will find solutions to manage your travels, secure your personal data or even get to know 3D printing. A true revolution, 3D printing no longer knows any limits because after plastic and metal, it is possible to print glass and even wood. 3D printing processes thus constitute an opportunity for the development of many fields, such as mobility, agriculture and health.

A unique experience of its kind, the show will also allow you to take advantage of a virtual reality headset to visit the heritage of the French Riviera. This innovation allows a person to live an immersive experience in an artificial world using a virtual reality headset. In this sense, this technology has already literally transformed an entire sector, that of real estate, allowing prospective tenants to make comprehensive visits and discover their future habitat. And this technology is revolutionizing the tourism sector. The growth of immersive experiences offers new development opportunities for players in the sector, while giving travelers the opportunity to connect with an unprecedented form of escapism. From the snowy forests of Canada to the tropical jungles of Costa Rica, the journey becomes interactive, dynamic and fun. In our territory, you can also follow the Via Julia Augusta between Menton and La Turbie in Roman times. Enough to become a real “traveling actor”!

Monitoring solutions and thermal detection or weather forecasting software will also be presented. Improving weather forecasts is, in fact, a real challenge, due to climate change. Thus, a new artificial intelligence system, under development in a laboratory in London, will be able to predict whether it will rain in the next two hours. A major innovation that would save time for forecasters and overcome traditional methods that use complex equations and often only predict a period of six hours to two weeks. But above all, substantial progress in mitigating the harmful effects of climate change, adapting to its sometimes devastating and potentially life-saving effects.

To access exciting roundtables

For entrepreneurs, preparing for this profound change, understanding these innovations and their impacts is therefore essential. Like predicting their impacts and identifying the levers that will enable their sector of activity or their company to resist in the face of a competitive market. This is the leitmotif of the show, which for this first edition gathers prestigious guests such as Frédéric Bossard, President of French Tech Côte d’Azur and Marco Landi, President of QuestIT and former World Director of Apple. More than a dozen speakers will offer three roundtable discussions on exciting topics. What are we talking about? Innovation of course! And more especially the spread of innovations in society.

In this way, “Innovation in the service of ecological transition”, “Artificial intelligence for responsible digital technology” or “Collective intelligence in the service of tourism” will be the main current topics covered at length Riviera’Innov, the first innovation fair in Mentone. Topics that make sense to understand the challenges to come, especially in the territory of the Côte d’Azur. Conference on Metaverse will close this day rich in learning. Because one of the objectives of the event is to make it accessible to everyone by offering a fair on a human scale. And so, let everyone meet, discuss and undoubtedly, build the world of tomorrow.

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