The 10 biggest tech layoffs in 2022/2023

1 – Amazon: more than 18,000 employees

For starters, the most important redundancy plan in the last twelve months is undoubtedly Amazon’s. It should be said that the group is also one of the world’s leading employers alongside Foxconn, so just 5% of its payroll equates to more than 18,000 positions thanked. Among the teams affected by this event, we find not only those who work in the store, but also members of the customer service.

Amazon has recently been led by Andy Jassy, ​​formerly the head of the firm’s AWS department, which focuses on data and web hosting. Number one follows Jeff Bezos, who has now set out to conquer space with Blue Origin’s reusable rockets.

2 – Google: 12,000 employees

Your favorite search engine isn’t spared from the crisis either, with a total of 12,000 jobs wiped out. If the figure is not surprising in terms of those of the competition, it is nevertheless the preferred technique for selecting employees to be “fired” that is disturbing: some cite the case of The Hunger Games” fair. Alphabet was already known for its particularly selective recruitment process and this should not improve its reputation in this area…

3 – Target: 11,000 employees

Unsurprisingly, Meta has also had to impose a wave of layoffs to counter a relatively haphazard positioning since the name change. The parent company of Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Quest VR headset and WhatsApp is now focusing on virtual realitywhich clearly does not sit well with all shareholders.

With this, the first social network in the world in terms of the number of users has to face a massive decline. Younger people now prefer TikTok and Snapchat, even if Instagram and WhatsApp remain among the most popular apps in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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4 – Microsoft: 10,000 employees

This week, Microsoft laid off 10,000 employees for several reasons. The main driver of the decision, according to the direction, would be to reduce costs. Information that coincides with the effects of inflation, particularly felt in Europe and especially in Ireland, where Redmond has its quarters. Despite everything, the developer provides they want to continue investingespecially in artificial intelligence.

Microsoft is currently the third largest valuation on Wall Street, ahead of Alphabet but behind Apple and Saudi Aramco.

5 – Sales force: 8000 employees

The first CRM in market share, Salesforce, in turn had to part with 8,000 employees after a serious decline in the stock market. After paying for the tallest tower in San Francisco and nothing less than professional messaging platform Slack, the group’s price has gone from more than $300 on the NYSE in late 2021 to half that today.

HubSpotwhose value is about ten times less, was also losing momentum, but still gained nearly fifteen points on the East Coast stock exchange in recent days.

6 – Uber: 6,700 employees

It was not in 2022, but during the momentum of covid a little earlier: Uber thanked no fewer than 3,700 employees during the shutdown period. Some major markets like France then caused the VTC app to lose millions of dollars during this period. Fortunately, countries that are more respectful of individual liberties regarding quarantine have enabled the publisher to survive.

7 – Reservation: 4375 employees

On her part, and her hotel reservations are also at the origin of many departures again caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The company, based in Amsterdam, also offers the purchase of plane tickets and car rentals at the airport. Its main competitor, namely Airbnb, remains less popular, but more favored by younger people.

8 – Cisco: 4100 employees

In the eighth place in our ranking, we find the publisher of SAAS Cisco. Now also an expert in cyber security, the firm had to lay off more than 4,000 employees in December. This represents 5% of its total workforce, but we also know that the company continues to recruit. The restructuring was approved by Chuck Robbins, CEO since John Chambers resigned in May 2015.

9 – Twitter: 3,700 employees

Of course, how can we talk about major layoffs in 2022 without mentioning the case of Twitter. The social network, simply bought by Elon Musk, not only had to deal with an unprecedented wave of resignations after the arrival of the director of Tesla at its head, but also the whims of this one. After taking over, the American billionaire actually decided to wipe many of his new associates off the map before finally calling them…

10 – 3,000 employees

Inactive in France, is a company specialized in mortgage loans in the United States. Last on our list, the former startup was worth four billion dollars in 2020, but it will also have experienced a difficult period, especially with the postponement of its IPO date to March 2023.

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