no more milk in France in 10 years

While the European Commission has published its forecasts for milk markets in 10 years, Web-agri readers predict that in 2033 there will be no more farmers and therefore no milk produced in France.

“How can you make a 10-year forecast when no one can predict it the price of milk in 1 year? “, he asks himself Wash offafter reading the article Perspectives 2022-2032 − What will the milk markets look like in 10 years?

not believes that “all pseudo-specialists have always messed up their predictions because they don’t know breeder’s profession and its limitations.

On the contrary, he thinks that “over the next 10 years, French milk production will be halved given many pensions from milk producersAND difficulties in installing young and recruiting breeding workers (…)”.

“It is now impossible to predict a year ahead”

“Here comes the return of the agricultural information horns or Madame Soleil! (…), spear tetrapak. The only people able to predictthe future of milk markets they have their boots on from monday to sunday. It is enough to read the comments to understand this: in 2033 there will be nothing left – neither production, nor growers – but experts who will look for a new sector to slaughter. »

Turning the Horns of Agricultural Information…

Boubule ironically: “It is good to predict a the price of milk €450/1000 l who would cover the charges? How to know the level of future tariffs ??? (…)” He joins @Tetrapac: “Breeding will decline by 10%/year and not by 0.2% as predicted and in 2033, only a few AOC or AOP producers will remain… »

Jet rebounds: “The same study, two years ago, gave very different conclusions. At that time, the European Commission did not imagine a milk price of €450/t. So she would be better off dealing with the real problems of today rather than the potential problems of tomorrow. »

“A much stronger decline than was warned”

Anyway, for Stephen“with €450, he said margin for the breeder is no greater considering increase in livestock production costs “. He also considers that “the reduction of the labor force will lead to a significant decrease in milk production. “Unless the bureaucrats start working on farms instead of coming up with stupid analysis,” he jokes. But it’s much easier said than done…”

“The commission has forgotten to analyze the workforce, it suggests Jmb67. There will be no one left to milk the cows Europe will become an importer of dairy products to feed its people. »

Unless the bureaucrats come to work on the farm!

“Which young person will want to become a breeder? »

step 72 is generally of the same opinion: “(…) If we do not rebalance the margins in favor of producers, in 10 years they will be half or even less. Which young man will he want? to become a breeder with so much borrowed capital and half an hourly minimum wage? (…) »

in surrounding towns, my self note that ” dairy farmers stop one and one, as collection and processing plants”. “Reversal of the trend” seems “impossible with the competition from neighboring countries, the Netherlands” among others. “The specialized countries have taken such a lead that France will disappear from the milk market”, he judges.

Patriarch returns to the new generation which, according to him, “(…) will not continue to have a system that contributes to the enrichment of others and the impoverishment of breeders”. “Today, finding a job for 35 hours is not a problem for a farmer used to 70 hours! “, he insists. “(…) The most important thing now is not to eat well, but to look good, so we pay for free food. So I see no other way out multiple milk interruptions in the coming years, even more so with repeated droughts…”

“Between Blackouts and Droughts…”

So when Cniel displays a milk collection down 3% in December, rock is doubtful: “Even with these figures, the dairies will again find false arguments to increase the price of milk as little as possible: decrease in consumption, increase in gas…”

step 72, more radical: “These data are false, the decline is much greater, amid increased interruptions and poor quality corn that has caused the production of many farms to decline. »

Boubule don’t even believe it. “Perhaps industrialists are overcompensated by imports? “, he considers before saying in a categorical tone: “Between blackouts and droughts, it is seen that the drop in collection is much higher. And then nitrogen doubled, GNR too, soybeans are at 600 bales, etc. In 2023, milk and meat will not double! »

“Less producers = less milk”, is undeniable for He did. ” The milkmaids will start crying ! “, he hopes.

“A milk price that remains very low”

Greetings waiting to know “what it will be the income gap between French dairy producers and their European peers “.

“Our neighbors will limit the loss of production. In our country, the prices only partially compensate for the increase in tariffs, that is, they should have been much higher…”, he analysed. step 72.

Unlike our European neighbors.

Aurelian ask yourself: “Are we talking about the base price or the total price? He testifies: “In Brittany, in Sodiaal, the base price is €420 in October, November, December. So far from €450! With TB, TP, etc., it’s €459 in October, barely €9 more. In short, a price that is not rewarding because of all the increases in our suppliers (…)”

“It took an explosion of accusations to advance ipampa. The reward for our work is not a fee, but volunteering because ipampa has never considered it! (…)”, details force.

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