Bitcoin Autumn and Crypto Winter: The Hangover of the Winklevoss Brothers

return with maniacCameron and Tyler Winklevoss are somewhat the symbols of an industry of cryptocurrency with two faces. self-confident and brilliant when Bitcoin prices are at their highest. bitter and in bad faith when crypto winter returns. After cleaning the TVs to explain how right they were and why crypto was risk freenow they are looking responsible for all their misfortunes. Like today’s Janus, they represent both The past the last so glorious and e the future close quite uncertain. A quick look at 2022 with two faces for the twins Winklevii.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss: great bull speeches…

That things change quickly in finance and especially in crypto ! day happy leaves room for doubt and in depression in just a few months. Even a year ago, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss proudly displayed their success on social media and performed on stage with their rock cover band Mars Crossing.

In front of American viewers, they explained with safety that cryptocurrency was the future! This, like them, was necessary to get The Risks to succeed. They also called for a rule strict framework that would frame this nascent sector to make it the giant of tomorrow. They were also seen teasing gently Mark Zuckerberg in the face of these obstacles with American justice. In short, everything Twins The Winklevoss were touchingbear. And their platform Gemini flourished in the shadow of a then-peaking Bitcoin.

All smiles for the Winklevii brothers were taken by the rise of Bitcoin in 2021

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…were damaged by the bankruptcies of Three Arrows Capital and then FTX…

But spring and autumn 2022 will end this great success. Indeed, the decline of the ecosystem Earth (LUNA) will trigger a cascade of events. And the problems will gradually approach him Winklevii. Because after the speeches soothing and verbal guarantee, platform Gemini did just like its competitors with the money of its customers. She placed it with actors of high promise return and especially Genesis Global Capitalrun by Barry Silbert.

In the program wincustomers of Gemini unknowingly loaned their funds to a third party entity to generate a return. Unfortunately, Genesis was exposed to Three Arrows equity and to FTX, whose fall destroyed this financial arrangement. Accused by Securities Commission (SEC) sale of unregistered securities, The twins now have to deal with the Regulator and in wrath of its users.

2022 will mark the beginning of trouble for the Winklevoss twins.  The back-to-back declines of Three Arrows Capital and then FTX will put their platform in trouble.  The Earn program is blocked and customers are angry.  Cameron and Tyler blame the whole world for their suffering, but forget, perhaps, to question themselves.
Cameron and Tyler’s glamorous image blurs during a complicated year 2022

…and give way to market bitterness and anger

As might be expected, Cameron and Tyler they will take advantage of their fame to assert their good faith. But this company will take a special turn when they start to accuse all here and there. First of all Barry Silbert who is accused of mismanagement, blindness, greed, accounting fraud and irresponsibility to hundreds of thousands of its customers. Then it will be the turn of DRY. The twins blame him for letting FTX thrive and taking legal action against them for political purposes.

It is to be forgotten quite quickly that the regulator had not given its approval for the product launch win. Gemini also tends to lose sight of what they have Go to leave their customers to finish in the Earn program as Barry Silbert’s losses with Capital of three arrows have already been made public. With a word, RESIDENCE of the family Winklevoss insult their wrongdoers who clearly see in it a smoke screen to hide theirs Accountability.

For years, the twins have positioned themselves as both victim and how the visionaries. The victim of Mark Zuckerberg who would have gotten their idea for a social network. Visionary since this summer 2012where with the money from the lawsuit won against the future CEO of Facebookthey will invest in Bitcoin. But this accompanying legend Winklevii everywhere they go is seriously starting to crack. And the confirmed bankruptcy of Genesis Global Capital will not regulate their business.

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