Artificial Intelligence: Nigerian Artist Reinventing Elegant Aging With AI

  • the author, Tarik Habte
  • role, BBC news


Artwork created by artificial intelligence (AI) has become a source of controversy, but Nigerian filmmaker and artist Malik Afegbua supports the idea that it can inspire us to create a better real world – and a more elegant one for the elderly.

At first glance, her images look like they were pulled from the edge of a fashion catwalk, but these models are not real people.

These images are the brainchild of Afegbua’s AI software, and show models of a certain age wearing beautiful clothes.

He knew he had created something special after posting them on social media. Especially after they caught the eye of the Oscar-winning costume designer behind the Black Panther films, Ruth Carter. “This is so wonderful!!” she wrote on Instagram.

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