We tested the new VR products at the Vortex Experience, near Strasbourg

Vortex Experienceis an entertainment center dedicated to virtual reality (VR) located in Mundolsheim, two or three pedal strokes from the city center of Strasbourg. In 2021 we went there smite zombies in medieval times. This time, as we like challenges, we returned to save human civilization from extinction. A trinket, you might say.

You know, in Pokaawe like to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds to shoot enemies and complete imaginary missions. So, for pleasure, we went to the Vortex Experience, a gym VR opened in 2019, which offers virtual reality missions.

The concept is simple: we are equipped with a modern virtual reality headset, a weapon connected and a sensory jacket. of game Then the master informs us about the mission of the day and the safety rules, then we immerse ourselves in different virtual universes, often with stunning realism, thanks to high-quality equipment.

after “Apocalypse” in 2019 AND “Origins” in 2021we went back to try latest mission that just came out: Vortex suppression. And since we like to put on faces, we tried too Ways each for myself (PVP) titled “Virtual Arena”, which takes us to a futuristic world filled with cyborgs. We tell you about our experience.

The Vortex Experience
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

A real collective hit within everyone’s reach!

“A terrorist group has captured a deadly virus and is threatening to wipe out human civilization. Two years after the first contaminations, the group poses a bacteriological threat to the world. Set off in 2026 and try to foil their plans! »

Like every mission in Vortex Experience, games are played with 2 to 6 players. But we can only advise you to be at least 4, because the more, the sillier we are, and the sillier we are, the more we laugh!

Once the device is on the back and nose, we physically enter the arena. Because here, unlike other virtual reality experiences, we move for e really, with the computer on your back, in a limited space.

Unlike esport-scopes clean and tough, which emphasizes competition, here, missions are based more on the leisure and spirit of arcade gamesthe goal is to complete the mission together.

The Vortex Experience
© Bastien Pietronave / Pokaa

In a world filled with zombies and unpleasant creatures, we slowly progress through the virtual universe with his teammates to accomplish his mission.

Undoubtedly, it is one shooting game and so you have to kill the zombies en masse, but you also have to play it a little strategically. of balls our various weapons are not infinite: we can choose to recover life or leave it to our friends if they have more you need us, and sometimes you have to let the creatures come closer to you to pick up what they’ve dropped.

As we progress through the dark and scary universe of the game, we jump, we wonder, we are attacked from left, from right, then from all sides and with our jacket shaking when we are attacked, all senses are awakened!

Among the members of the day’s team, some are good players and others had never played. But regardless of our level and ability to play with virtual reality, we all had a great time. Therefore, it is a real collective strike within everyone’s reach.

“every man for himself” mode.

For this mission, the project is simple: you have to defeat your opponents. We chose the multiplayer mode every man for himself”, but there is also a “team death match” or “capture the flag”.

In a futuristic universe and a online inspired by the game Hello (among others), you track down your opponents to eliminate them and earn as many points as possible. Once again, we it’s not in e-sports and millimeter precision, but we’re here to have fun.

For this, we recover weapons on the ground with laser sight, guns from the future that almost takes your face off, you can launch rockets that bounce off walls and kill from a distance (a bit like Mario Kart), you can even kill yourself!

In short, you got it, it’s 200% free time and we’re here to have a good time with friends and/or family. Additionally, missions are accessible from the age of 12.

The little ones and the big ones +

  • Handling is really simple and intuitive
  • The team is ready to answer any questions about this VR game mode, which can sometimes surprise first-timers.
  • We are in a free and hard time, perfect for playing with friends without taking the lead
  • Between two matches or just for fun, you can sit quietly for a drink and watch other players take on imaginary zombies
  • The team offers a student fee (including high school and college) at €25 instead of €30
  • During holidays the center is open 7 days a week (off-peak hours from 14:00 to 17:00 with reduced rates for all)
  • Arena World (PVP) is really fun, and we happen to have our own little sport of the day!

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