These towns in Puy-de-Dome are located more than 45 minutes from a maternity hospital

In Puy-de-Dome, in 2000, 1.6% of women aged 15-44 lived more than 45 minutes from a maternity hospital. In 2008, they were 3.8%, and almost twenty years later, in 2019, the rate dropped to 2.49%. More than 45 minutes of distance to pass until the first contractions are felt… We can easily imagine the stress caused.

Effective in April 2022, a decree gives pregnant women the opportunity to enter the accommodation closest to a maternity hospital up to five days before their expected due date. Here is a convenient solution.
This is non-medical accommodation, covered by health insurance.

Women can also benefit from relevant transport costs, as long as they live in a municipality located more than 45 minutes away from a maternity hospital, regardless of type, department, etc. Because sometimes it is more practical for a person who lives on the edge of one department to go to another, whose maternity is closer.

43 localities in question in Puy-de-Dome

Therefore, we have tried to visualize these communes in Puy-de-Dome. To compile this data, we took the list of maternity hospitals listed by the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) and calculated an isochronous zone of 45 minutes, i.e. a zone within which individuals are three quarters of an hour by car from these maternity hospitals (1).

The projection of this travel criterion (2) reveals 43 cities located more than 45 minutes from one of the department’s four maternity hospitals: that of CHU Estaing in Clermont-Ferrand (level 3); La Châtaigneraie private hospital in Beaumont (level 2a); CH de Thiers and CH Paul-Ardier in Issoire (level 1). We also took into account the presence of four other maternity hospitals in neighboring departments: those of Ussel (Corrèze, level 1); Vichy (level 2a) and Montluçon (Allier, level 2); CH du Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire, level 2a) and Montbrison (Loire, level 1).
These municipalities are located, for seven of them, in Sancy; twelve in Forez and twenty-four northwest of Puy-de-Dome, in the Combrailles region. According to the decree, institutions had six months from the promulgation of the decree to establish accommodation arrangements.

How do maternity hospitals arrange accommodation?

At CHU Estaing in Clermont-Ferrand, a non-medical hospital hotel is located in the Maison des Parents on the site of the hospital centre. Since the publication of the decree, it has provided accommodation for patients who live more than 45 minutes from the maternity hospital of CHU, according to the conditions defined in the text. Between September and December 2022, this concerned ten patients.
At La Châtaigneraie, in Beaumont, management is currently working on setting up a temporary non-medical accommodation system.

The Opti’soins bus passes through Auvergne to provide local monitoring for pregnant women

In Issoire, Marie-Rose Teinturier, director of the hospital center, says that “we are in the process of concluding an agreement with a hotel near the hospital center, which can accommodate pregnant women who live more than 45 minutes from the maternity hospital. »
In Thiers, According to the management, no woman has yet benefited from the device and the hospital has yet to be approached by a family on the subject. A deal is being made with a hotel in the area, but has not been finalized.
(1) The decree mentions the fact that it is the city center which should be more than 45 minutes by car from the maternity hospital.
(2) Route projection on the Openroute service, a route calculation website.

Michèle Gardette, Nicolas Certaine and the editors

Different types of maternity

Level 1. Level 1 maternity hospitals can handle emergencies. Women whose pregnancy presents no identified problems will be delivered in level 1 maternity hospitals.
Level 2A. Level 2 maternity hospitals are divided into two types: those of type 2A and those of type 2B. Welcome first born babies whose prematurity is greater than 33 weeks amenorrhea weighing at least 1500 grams. They offer an obstetrics and neonatology service in the same location…
Level 2B. They also have an intensive care unit.
Level 3. Level 3 maternity units have the same facilities as these 2A 2B maternity units with, in addition, a neonatal resuscitation service.

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