Rarible launches platform for creating NFT markets on Polygon

Source: rarely.com

Rare, a popular NFT market and protocollaunched on January 18th its NFT market builder tool for NFT collections based on the polygon. With this new self-service tool, anyone with a Polygon-based NFT collection will be able to create their own custom marketplace for free to connect with their community.

Alexei Falin, co-founder and Rare CEOtold Cryptonews.com that: “Community markets will become a gateway to NFT for new users. It facilitates the arrival of new users.”

For more, Rarible already offers a similar service on Ethereum and the latter has been used by projects such as Smircs, Rally and Not Your Bro, to name a few. According to Rarible, Polygon’s first community marketplace creation partner is Polygon Punks.

In fact, he declares regarding this that “We see community markets as the future of buying and selling NFT and we believe that every project should have its own market. This self-service tool is key to achieving that goal.”

Likewise, he adds that: “We have seen NFT market from Poligoni has gained tremendous ground. When we discussed which blockchain would be next to host our market maker, the polygon it was the clear choice”.

Then he says: “We have seen Polygon becoming the blockchain of choice for many leading brandspopular Web3 projects and games”. Furthermore, “Polygon has continued to grow even in turbulent times and has shown that it has the ability to engage the masses.”

No coding knowledge required and no additional cost, site creation platform The NFT market e Rarible provides users with multiple functions such as NFT writing on Polygon and the creation of personalized showcases. In addition to these features, their aggregator tool also allows customers to access collections from other popular secondary markets.

This market building tool is for Ethereum collections ERC-721 and ERC-1155, which allows creators to use a variety of different blockchains.

Current trend of others NFT markets gives users the option not to pay royalties. But contrary to this trend, community marketplaces powered by Rarible will require royalties for all transactions that occur within their user interface. This principle was recently expressed in a post on the company’s blog.

Source: rarely.com

For projects that require special features and customizations for their markets, Rarible also offers quality service. The latter allows project promoters to collaborate directly withThe hard team to create a custom markettailored to their specific needs.

Falin explains that: “When project teams decide to work with us as part of our service”white glove“They work directly with the Rarible team to create a custom marketplace. Project managers can tell us exactly what features they want for their community marketplace through a more hands-on approach.”

Some of the popular projects and brands that have already used Rarible’s NFT market service include Fox (Krapopolis and Fox Deportes), McFarlane Toys, CryptoPunks V1, Pixel VaultDegeni Verse and Robotos.

While it’s hard to predict exactly how the cryptocurrency and NFT markets will develop in the coming years, Falin thinks we’ll see more leading brands from various industries are entering the NFT market. Because of this, tools such as custom NFT market developers will be increasingly important.

So, he said: “In 2023, I think we’ll see more big brands from all industries implementing strategies around NFT. Every year brings new developments and this year we should see new use cases emerge. blockchain technology”.

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