7 Decentralized Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Platforms

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding works in the same way as traditional crowdfunding, but benefits both the beneficiary and the donor. That’s because cryptocurrencies are generally treated as property, meaning that taxpayers can qualify a donation of cryptocurrencies as a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

Similarly, crypto crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs and organizations to benefit from a larger number of national and international donors who prefer to donate through blockchain.

As more companies, startups and individuals look to blockchain solutions to secure funding, let’s take a look at the top seven crypto crowdfunding platforms available in today’s landscape:


Kevin Owocki founded Gitcoin in the United States in 2017. It has since become one of the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s most comprehensive solutions for open source software development.

The platform functions as an on-demand space for developers to secure multiple forms of funding for their projects, including crypto funding.

Some of Gitcoin’s features include fundraising, developer tips, hackathons, project search functions, and GitHub integrations.

Additionally, the open source space allows developers to work in languages ​​such as Python, Rust, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Solidity and Design. Gitcoin claims to have helped thousands of projects and teams grow their open source ecosystems.

For investors, Gitcoin’s pool of open source projects means there are a wide range of options to contribute. Gitcoin’s quarterly grant rounds also allow for direct investment in specific projects.

2. QuantmRE

QuantmRE Proprietary Cryptocurrency Funding Platform

Founded in 2017, QuantmRE is a crowdfunding platform specialized in real estate. By allowing investors to build their asset portfolio based on micro-investments in crypto in exchange for real estate equity, it is possible to combine cryptocurrencies with the slightly more stable real estate markets.

Additionally, property owners can arrange to receive investments and gain additional value in their property by allowing cryptocurrency holders to invest in it. It’s a smart way for real estate owners to invest in cryptocurrencies without buying them.

The equity crowdfunding process is also simple on the platform. Users simply need to register to see if they qualify, apply and receive the funds.

3. RealBlocks

RealBlocks - private markets investment

RealBlocks was founded in the United States in 2015 by Perrin Quarshie. Attracting interest from investment groups such as Morgan Creek, Zelkova Ventures and Crosslink Capital, RealBlocks has established itself as a leading decentralized crowdfunding platform.

RealBlocks is built on a decentralized model that uses blockchain technology, allowing institutional investors and individuals to invest in real estate.

The process that powers RealBlocks involves the tokenization of physical assets, which breaks down tangible goods into items that can be purchased piecemeal, with the ability for multiple investors to get involved.

RealBlocks is known for its user-friendliness. Thanks to the platform’s simplified distribution channel, RealBlocks can raise more money through intermediaries and institutional channels.

Currently, RealBlocks serves over 100 countries and has $77 billion under management.


Tallycoin - bitcoin crowdfunding platform

Tallycoin is a simple crypto crowdfunding platform that offers easy and cost-free donations to users without the need to officially register an account. Funding can be completely anonymous and non-releasing so that investments go directly to their listed cause. All donations go directly to a cryptocurrency wallet under the user’s control.

The advantage of Tallycoin is that it is completely user-friendly and its installation process is similar to that of a simple website builder. Users simply state their cause, add their wallet information, and wait for secure donations to roll in.

And once you have your crypto funds, you better protect them. Here are the safest wallets you can use to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

5. GameFi

GameFI IGO development and crowdfunding platform

Created by the company that brought us the Red Kite Launchpad, GameFi is one of the largest startups offering development platforms in the crypto landscape.

GameFi is an all-in-one space that can help generate funds for Web3 games in a variety of ways. Investors can not only buy tokens in an OIG project, but they can also buy in-game assets for the projects that inspire them the most.

The platform enables crowdfunding investments for games in different ways. Users can also access pools through ticket or token systems.


CoinStarter cryptocurrency funding site

Founded in 2017 by Cornell Holloway, CoinStarter is one of the largest cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms. Its community-driven structure is a great way for donors to feel more intrinsically connected to the projects they believe in.

Although membership is required to start investing, it allows causes to generate their own subscription models for revenue. This means that a monthly membership fee is paid to access the platform’s wider community, while donations are also subject to transaction fees.

What’s great about this platform is that it’s simplified so that even non-native crypto users can create their own crowdfunding campaigns. The site is flexible and offers Discord-style rooms that can help projects better identify target audiences and understand their needs.

7. Tecra Space

Tecra Space - crowdfunding and cryptocurrency investment platform.

Tecra Space takes a more traditional approach to crowdfunding. The decentralized space helps to sort out various projects from patents, digital assets and other intellectual property rights by decomposing and symbolizing them.

The site makes it easy for developers to list their projects and offers different timeframes for their tokens and redemptions. It is also possible to list projects with different levels of participation and investor benefits, such as access to a digital product or service, endorsements or credits, or themed artwork, just to name a few. name just a few.

Projects listed on Tecra Space include video games, decentralized applications, mining operations and renewable energy services, among others.

It’s easy enough to start fundraising. You need to open a premium account, create your token and plan a campaign. Once the preparations are complete, you can start fundraising.

Reading about investing in the Web3

Although cryptocurrency crowdfunding is still an emerging industry, the future looks bright for community-funded projects as the next generation of the Internet continues to develop.

Web3 promises to bring a fully open source landscape that allows investors to put their crypto into projects that inspire them. By doing this, we can see more businesses emerge through people power. Through these platforms, we can see many more exciting projects that traditional forms of funding could have limited to come to fruition.

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