Why Nreal Air Goggles are the best accessory for your vapor deck

Considered by many to be the ultimate portable gaming rig, Valve’s impressive Steam Deck brings cross-platform gaming and desktop power to a portable machine. Still, this highly regarded device is far from perfect, with many users finding flaws and limitations in Steam Deck that affect their gaming experience.

Introducing a pair of Nreal Air AR glasses could be the solution to these Steam Deck glitches. From improving graphics to preventing pain, we’ll show you why Nreal Air Goggles are the best accessory for your Steam Deck.

What are Nreal Air Glasses?

Nreal Air Glasses are augmented reality (AR) smart glasses that allow users to see a projection of their connected device’s screen created over their real environment. Rather than providing a fully immersive experience, as is the case with VR headsets, Nreal AR glasses demonstrate the potential of mixed reality in the real world. (Learn more about the differences between augmented reality and virtual reality).

Designed to look like a stylish pair of sunglasses, Nreal Air goggles offer more comfort and discretion compared to classic AR goggles, which are often bulky and some require a full headband to fit in head.

The Nreal Air Glasses claim to be an “unmatched gaming companion” and are compatible with select USB-C devices including Android, Mac and Steam Deck. Nreal’s official website provides a compatibility list, so you can check if your current devices can connect to these AR glasses.

For now, let’s take a look at your Nreal Air Goggles and Steam Deck.

Connect Nreal Air glasses to Steam Deck

Connecting your Nreal Air goggles to Steam Deck couldn’t be easier. There’s no app or software to download and install: just connect the angled end of the supplied USB-C cable to the Nreal Air Goggles and the other end to the Steam Deck. Steam Deck will automatically recognize your AR glasses as another monitor and adjust the resolution accordingly.

The Steam Deck is a great piece of gaming kit, although it does have some limitations. Some of the most common complaints about the Steam Deck include its heavy weight, which can cause wrist pain and other pain, as well as the limited screen size and display quality.

Enter the Nreal Air Goggles. From solving common problems to improving your overall gaming experience (supporting the argument that Steam Deck can replace all of your gaming tech), here are five reasons why Nreal Air Goggles are the best Steam Deck accessory your

1. Nreal Air Glasses will enhance your Steam Deck display.

Screenshot of Steam Deck games

The Steam Deck’s display is good, but at only 1280×800 pixels with an LCD screen, it may lose the battle between the Nintendo Switch (OLED) and Valve’s Steam Deck for the best handheld console. On the other hand, if you pair the Steam Deck with the Nreal Air glasses, your display will be upgraded to an impressive 3840×1080 pixel full HD OLED display (1920×1080 pixel resolution for the eyes).

Thanks to invisible internal speakers built into the temples of the glasses, you’ll benefit from a fully immersive visual and audio experience with a pair of Nreal Airs connected to the Steam Deck.

2. Nreal Air Glasses increase the quality of your Steam Deck display


Nreal Air Glasses 130 inch screen
Image credit: Nreal

Forget large external monitors, you can turn your 7-inch Steam Deck display into a 130-inch full HD display with Nreal Air Glasses. This feature is perhaps the most compelling, as the difference a large HD screen will make to your gaming experience is incomparable, especially when it comes to a compact pair of glasses.

This immersive cinematic experience works best when facing a white wall without too much light, though you shouldn’t have any problems in a well-lit room. The Nreal Airs come with a protective lens plate that will block external glare if you want to use the glasses in very bright conditions.

3. Nreal Air Glasses help prevent common gaming pains.

The weight of the Steam Deck causes joint pain

A big reason why Nreal Airs is an essential Steam Deck accessory you’ll want to buy is that you’ll save yourself the usual gaming pains.

Weighing in at over a pound and a half, the Steam Deck can cause serious wrist pain when used over a long period of time. Instead of spending hours straining your wrists (or even bending over with your arms resting on a table to support your weight), the Nreal AirGlasses connection will allow you to extend your Steam gameplay Deck without pain. You can relax your posture and place your hands and Steam Deck on your lap to avoid these common gaming ailments.

In addition, the Nreal Airs are also lightweight and conform to your face for optimal comfort. Three different size nose pads are provided to find the right size for you, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing the glasses while playing.

4. Nreal Air Glasses are compatible with prescription lenses.

Close up of Nreal Air Goggles lens

Nreal Air glasses are compatible with prescription lenses, which is good news for anyone who needs to wear glasses to maintain their vision or eye health. The Nreal Air AR glasses come with prescription lens insert frames, so you can request a custom prescription lens from your local optician.

Lensology is also considered the best online store to buy Nreal Air prescription packs and offers worldwide shipping.

5. Nreal Air Glasses offer a portable 130″ screen.


Play Steam Deck on the go
Image credit: Valve

Since the Steam Deck is a portable device, you need to make sure that all the accessories are also compact and lightweight. Nreal Air glasses not only meet these criteria, but they are also low maintenance. There are no internal batteries to recharge – power is provided by the Steam Deck – which also means one less adapter to take on a trip.

Since you can use Steam Deck as a desktop computer, pairing the device with Nreal Airs means that digital nomads can work on a 130-inch screen, or even a triple monitor setup on a Mac, without having to carry screens of gave me.

Nreal Air Glasses could be the solution to your vapor deck woes

Although the Nreal Air glasses are a great gaming accessory, it should be noted that they are priced similarly to the Steam Deck. However, the benefits of an improved Full HD portable display and reduced risk of carpal tunnel syndrome justify the cost.

Wider compatibility for Nreal Air glasses is also being introduced. As of this writing, Macs with M-series chips running macOS 12.0 and higher and some Android phones are compatible with Nreal Airs. You can also connect the Nintendo Switch, although you need to buy a separate adapter for this to work.

If you’re looking for a solution to common Steam Deck complaints, or just want a portable display to play and work on, then Nreal Airs is the best Steam Deck accessory for you.

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