Video Games for Seniors: Do you know “Serious Games”?

What is the interest of Serious Games for seniors?

Video games were created to entertain children and adults through screens and games. For some time now, a new type of game has arrived: “Serious games” or serious games that combine both and learning. Therefore, Serious Games will be found in school, in business, but also at home and especially among our seniors who are passionate about this new type of activity. They allow us to learn new concepts, develop certain skills and train to maintain them. Find out in this article why Serious Game is a huge success among seniors and why it is an interesting tool for them.

What is the serious game?

Serious game or serious game is as a video game and a learning resource which allows you to work your brain while having fun. This concept is interesting for children, but not only. Indeed, the serious game is not not just for children, will include all age groups and all socio-professional categories. Therefore you will find it at home but also in your professional and most surprising place: among the elderly.

Here are the serious game functions :

  • Learning
  • drill
  • Distribution of information
  • Stimulate certain skills such as imagination
  • Stimulate cognitive skills…

Therefore, the functions are many and varied and we understand the interest that this type of game can then have for some pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease to stimulate one’s memory for example, after a stroke to regain balance or even to stimulate his memory.

Therefore, these are tools that caregivers will provide to seniors stimulate their abilities, recover their physical or cognitive functions, socialize and all that while you play. The elderly are sometimes very isolated due to their health, which does not allow them to move as they wish, so it is essential to help them maintain all their autonomy and also to stimulate their morale, which by default it can be low. These games can be played alone or with others. You can choose other wellness activities and thus avoid depressive states such as Yoga.

Can Seniors Improve Health Through Serious Games?

Today, video games are no longer played only with their controller in front of the screen. You can do sports training, go bowling, play a game of tennis, play a game of chess and all that. with family or friends. As we have just seen, Serious Games will have different functions and if they are developing more and more among the elderly, it is because in addition to bringing them together and giving them a good time, they will be able to have an impact on their health. :

  • By stimulating cognitive abilities, you delay the onset of some degenerative diseases. You will also be able to improve your language and increase your physical skills. The elderly will feel calmer in everyday life
  • IN reducing falls : physical exercises and balance games can reduce falls and therefore fractures. Therefore, we allow the person to be able to stay at home because he remains independent
  • favors reeducation : after an operation or a fracture, rehabilitation can be done using serious games
  • Learn and master the guidelines to stay healthy and so prevention of some diseases
  • Understand a disease and be able to manage it independently and thus avoid complications.

How to get an old man to play Serious Games?

The Serious Game can be offered in the facility where the elderly person lives: retirement home, care center, hospital… The elderly person can play from home. To do this, equipment is needed and it can be very basic: a computer may be more than enough, but also virtual reality headsets likeeye search 2. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your relatives or some health professionals who can offer you this type of games, such as occupational therapist.

For people who are comfortable with new technologies, you can use a headset and why not a virtual reality headset. For the latter, however, it is necessary to master his gestures and space in order not to risk falling. Of course you can use game consoles which offer serious games for all ages. There are also related objects that will allow you to see the physical efforts and all the progress made by the person. Now it’s your turn!

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