satellite internet solution

Satellite Internet is nothing new. It is a popular solution for military and government departments thanks to its communication security. Now accessible to civilians, it is one more solution in addition to the offerings available in the market.

A solution for the digital divide

The Internet is already part of the basic services, just like the telephone. The development of technology, in particular fiber optics and 5G, makes the connection even smoother. Just a worry, these infrastructures are under development and do not yet cover all of France. We then have to pass an eligibility test to determine if we can subscribe to an internet offer. However, some parts of France don’t even have a network at all.

This digital divide is a real problem for residents of certain rural areas. However, to offers satellite internet radically change the situation. Indeed, two-way satellite communication solves the Internet access problem of digital enclave areas. Reduced installation cost.

Sufficient flow for individuals

Satellite Internet is often criticized for a relatively weak connection. Currently, it is impossible to find a network as efficient as fiber optics and 5G. On the other hand, satellite internet is clearly more efficient than ADSL. It allows subscribers to keep in touch, transfer data and enjoy streaming.

Some professionals need a high connection to continue their activities. Before moving to a rural area, they can find an eligibility test Indeed, some rural areas are better in terms of connectivity.

Reduced installation cost

To access this type of connection, you need a satellite dish, an Internet modem and a router. Given the hardware deployment that satellite Internet requires, the investment cost can be a deterrent for prospective subscribers. To solve this problem, they can share a satellite dish and an Internet subscription.

Thanks to this option, each family reduces the cost of installation and subscription. In order to have the right equipment for any configuration, it is necessary to call in professionals. Of course, this service comes at a cost. However, it is essential to guarantee the integrity of the installation.

The benefits of satellite internet

Satellite Internet has many advantages. As for accessibility, it does not depend on the placement of cables. The communication between the satellite and the receiver, in this case the parabolic antenna, is constant. Therefore, it works independently of cable communications such as fiber optics and ADSL.

Thanks to the direct communication between the satellite and the receiver, the satellite Internet network is private. This already solves some of the security problems faced by internet users.

Another advantage, the satellite connection allows access to other services. In addition to Internet access, satellite Internet service providers (ISPs) offer interactive digital television. This is an unexpected solution for certain landlocked areas.

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