Magiline: “No more limits” with 100% automated pools

Already known for these technological advances with the cartridge filter block and these iMagi-X smart pools, Piscines Magiline has the ambition to offer all its pools 100% automated by 2023. An objective explained by Christophe Leroy, Marketing Director, during the recent Piscine Global trade show held last November.

Exclusive interview with Christophe Leroy, Marketing Director of Magiline

Magiline has always focused on home automation and connecting…

Christopher Leroy : Indeed, innovation and customized solutions have been at the heart of our priorities for almost 30 years, with custom pools, the latest generation of wellness and safety equipment. Our patented iMAGI-X home automation aims to provide users with an intelligent, automatic and economical swimming pool. All equipment aimed at simplifying the pool area is provided: automatic closing of the shutters, programming of heating settings, pool lighting, water filtration and treatment… With these intelligent and automatic solutions, the entire pool is optimized, including consumption . We do not even consider reducing consumption as a concept, but as a commitment.
Finally, it should be noted that ease of use is not an option, it is a must!

iMAGI-X ©Piscines Magiline

Is it a policy that requires a lot of investment and commitment?

Christopher Leroy : We can rely on our R&D department which currently holds 87 international patents. All our pools are produced in Troyes, in our production plant and benefit from the Label Origine France Garantie. In 2018, Piscines Magiline also joined the brand of companies and industrial sites in France: French Fab.

For 2 years we have been developing a CSR policy in parallel, which has led us to carry out our carbon footprint. It’s not about us going green. Our commitment is deep and serious, with ongoing substantive work and significant awareness on the part of all, without exception, our internal employees. Under no circumstances do our actions turn into commercial arguments, while we have long had equipment that uses recycled materials and technologies, for example, which reduce the consumption of electricity, water and cleaning products.

Have you developed a new slogan?

Christopher Leroy : Instead of a slogan, which remains always an innovation aheade”, a user-centered approach, thus placing usability at the heart of our strategy: No more restrictions, just fun! Therefore, on a daily basis, a Magiline pool means zero restrictions for more enjoyment, savings in pool use and a more eco-responsible approach.
Everything is connected with practical features such as the possibility of video contact from a dealer for help or advice remotely.

A few words about your development goals?

Christopher Leroy : Given our high level positioning and our fully automated pools, it is imperative to continue our training plans for our dealers thanks to our center (MAGIschool) of 1000 m.2. Whatever the professional background of network members (swimming pool technicians, landscapers, etc.), Magiline representatives offer technical, commercial and high-tech sessions. The mission of our school is true human development. We must not forget the availability of the e-learning platform which offers interactive solutions and many learning formats. Everything is provided to help them in their work, including tools highly appreciated by customers such as the app that allows them to see their project in augmented reality or the virtual reality helmet to travel around a Magiline pool.

In another area, we also intend to develop our export presence, especially in the Middle East, although Magiline is already present in 34 countries, representing 25% of the network’s turnover! With much success as in Japan!

Innovation Trophy 2022 Magiline

Piscines Magiline received the 2022 Innovation Trophy for iMAGI-X ©Piscines Magiline

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