Fixed internet speeds: Free crushes the competition

In terms of speeds, there’s Free and the rest of the world. Even this year, in fact, Free is the operator that offered the best Internet connection speeds. Free is going so fast that it leaves the competition far behind. This is especially true in fiber optics. At least that’s what it comes out of nPerf 2022 Barometer fixed internet connections in mainland France.

You will see that with one Free online offerit goes fast, very fast.

Cheap fiber atomizes the competition

By the own admission of nPerf, an independent measuring body, free fiber shows are “spectacular”.

Indeed, with youn average download connection speed close to 600 Mb/s, 596.70 Mb/s to be exact, Free is well ahead of its rivals, who are all below 500 Mb/s (480.86 Mb/s for Bouygues Telecom, 456.40 Mb/s for Orange and 449.81 Mb/s for Orange for SFR). “By offering a 10GB/s offer, the fourth operator is running a very nice luring operation with performance-hungry customers. However, make no mistake, if other operators arrive behind, it is more by marketing choice (segmenting offers with a speed limit) than by technological choice.“, notes nPerf in its barometer conclusions. Still: Free boasts the best fiber internet speeds.

If Free differs in average fiber connection speed, it also differs in average uplink fiber speed. Admittedly, the differences are less important: Free transfer with 406.69 Mb/sahead of Orange, 369.60 Mb/s, Bouygues Telecom, 356.50 Mb/s and Sfre, 343.21 Mb/s. But Free still set a record: Data transfer has never been so fast in France and this is the first time that an operator has crossed the 400 Mb/s mark.

In the end, then, Free shines. But nPerf still remembers that “other operators really have nothing to be ashamed of and their subscribers benefit from quality connections“.”With download speeds of around 450 Mb/s and upload speeds of around 355 Mb/s, FTTH Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR subscribers can benefit from all resource-intensive uses (video conferencing, 4K streaming, multi-screen, gaming 4K… )“. With one Orange internet offeror Bouygues Telecom’s Internet offer or a SFR internet offerso you are sure to get very good fiber optic performance.

Good to know: on ADSL, it’s also Free, which gives the best average download speed, at 8.27 Mb/s, ahead of Bouygues Telecom, 8.18 Mb/s, Orange, 7.44 Mb/s and SFR, 7.15 Mb/s. , all criteria combined (upstream speed, downstream speed, delay), it is Bouygues Telecom which also shows the best performance in ADSL.

Internet speed: France is always faster

Beyond cheap fiber performance, nPerf notes that France is always moving faster in terms of speeds. In 2022, the French surfed with one average downlink speed of 237 Mb/s compared to 191 Mb/s in 2021, all technologies combinedso an increase of approx +24% over a year. All operators have progressed. And, it is Bouygues Telecom that marks the strongest improvement in 2022.

And you, what’s your turnover?

France can be pleased to achieve a very good overall level of performance in terms of speeds. But another reality should not be underestimated: “if this average is flattering for France, it should not be forgotten that it masks strong disparities between territories. Indeed, although France has deployed fiber at lightning speed, many homes are still equipped with a xDSL connection”, recalls nPerf.

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