Fixed Internet Performance 2022: Free takes the lead on fiber

For the second year in a row, Free is ahead of Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR in the nPerf 2022 ranking in terms of xDSL and FTTH internet connection performance. Average download and upload speeds in mainland France increased by 24% and 27% respectively.

Publishing a barometer of internet and mobile connections since 2009, nPerf (formerly DegroupTest) has just released latest version for 2022. Conducted on the basis of more than 5.4 million connection tests, which are “subject to checks to avoid duplicates and to exclude possible fraudulent misuse”, this ranking provides relatively important indicators about the performance of Internet connections in France, all technologies combined (xDSL, cable, FTTB and FTTH).

All connection categories related to fixed Internet in France, Free comes out – for the second year in a row – at the top of the ranking in terms of performance, ahead of Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR. “Except in the broadband category where it is slightly more than Bouygues Telecom, the Free performs well in THD (very high speed) and especially in fiber optic connections,” notes nPerf.

An average FTTH downlink speed of close to 600 Mb/s for free

In the THD category (upload speed greater than or equal to 2.1 Mb/s or download speed greater than or equal to 30 Mb/s), free subscribers benefited from a download performance of 333.34 Mb/s, before Bouygues Telecom (306.60 Mb/s), Orange (282.311 Mb/s) and SFR (239.89 Mb/s). On the other hand, Free is – very slightly – ahead of Bouygues Telecom (224.92 Mb/s). s versus 223.94 Mb/s), but also Orange (224.56 Mb/s). The SFR, on the other hand, is still far behind (161.86 Mb/s).

“To isolate the FTTH tests for comparison, we have chosen to filter at an upload speed greater than or equal to 100 Mb/s. Thus, only the FTTH results are distinguished, technologies such as FTTLA/FTTB or VDSL are discarded. . However , note that this filter also eliminates “bad” FTTH tests, at least those with an upload speed of less than 100 Mb/s. However, since this filtering is identical for all operators, I do not question the comparison . specifies nPerf. This gives in terms of fiber optic performance, Free forward in download 596.7 Mb/s – or 110 Mb/s more than Bouygues Telecom dolphin -, and also in upload (406.69 Mb/s against 369, 6 Mb /s for Orange coming second).

Bouygues Telecom stands out in xDSL or cable connections

Of all the tests performed, 37.1% were performed on users with Orange as ISP, 32.7% Free, 20.1% SFR and 10.1% Bouygues Telecom. “In 2022, the French surfed with an average download speed of 237 Mb/s compared to 191 Mb/s in 2021, an increase of approximately +24% over one year. If this average is flattering for France, we must not forget that it masks strong disparities between territories”, explains nPerf. As for upload speeds, the benchmark shows that it has measured an increase of 27% and has now reached 170 Mb/s.

“It should be remembered that almost one in two French households is still connected to an xDSL or cable connection. As for these outdated technologies, the differences between the operators are minimal, but Bouygues Telecom manages to impose itself”, nPerf also shows. The main asset of the subsidiary of the French construction champion? Its latency, which stands out from the crowd in terms of broadband internet connection at 40.79ms against 45.31ms for free, 48.53ms for Orange and 59.44ms for SFR.

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