Copy-trader Bitget: reap profits like a pro

In the long list of services offered by crypto exchange platforms, “copy trading” is a must-have that most industry giants now offer. It is good to remember this butts was the first to launch this service in 2020. A “One Click Copy Trading” that has become a flagship, focused exclusively on derivatives trading. In early 2023, the exchange repeats being the first to launch spot copy trading.

Le Journal du Coin brings you this promotional article in collaboration with Bitget.

Make your cryptos grow with Bitget copy trading

At first glance, the downturn may seem like the worst time a novice trader would choose to enter the crypto arena. However, many experts claim that, it is when everything is at the bottom of the hole that we make the best deals. However, it is not about buying everything and anything without thinking! And let’s face it, nothing beats the advice of a professional.

To date, “One Click Copy Trading” operating on derivatives meets a big hit with Bitget users. By simplifying trading for beginners, it allows sophisticated futures trading strategies to be replicated with minimal effort. In December 2022, this “one-click” copy trading was counted more than 80,000 merchants and 338,000 subscribers.

A professional trader to take your positions in the spot market

Expanding the scope of cash trading, butts offers new investment opportunities to its less experienced users. Indeed, where derivatives represent a good way to fight against the depreciation of cryptographic assets in times of crisis, the spot approach makes it possible to focus on the selection of nuggets and let a professional analyze the market to choose the best time to invest in it.

Bitget copy trading now allows investing in spot markets

“Bitget was the first exchange to offer copy trading of cryptocurrency futures in 2020, and our one-click copy trading has been a flagship product of the company ever since. The success was proven by the numbers and also helped Bitget become the largest copy trading platform derivative products crypto. We are proud to expand the product to the spot market, as this will further expand our audience base and social trading offerings, as well as strengthen our leadership position in the crypto space. »

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget

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The principle is simple: allocate a part of your budget to the protocol you want automatically copy the positions of experienced traders. And since you don’t change a winning team, Bitget has decided to keep the simplified approach that made One Click Copy-Trade a success. Again, simply select your dealer from a proposed ranking.

For the sake of transparency, the platform reveals detailed information on traders’ return on investment, their statistics, time and price of buying and selling, portfolio and P&L data, as well as customized investment options. maximum, “stop loss” and “take profit”. This attention allows you to make an informed choice when entrusting your money to the expertise of a third party.

Bitget had been the first exchange to offer copy trading on crypto derivatives;  The platform is still the first to innovate by offering this service in the spot markets
Bitget Copy Trading offers a ranking of its best professional traders

Grow your crypto? A professional matter!

Copy trading benefits both parties. Indeed, you automatically benefit from the trader’s experience to evolve in difficult market conditions. In return, he gets a percentage of your profits. Therefore, the function also provides a passive income stream for the trader that increases their returns thanks to your funds. Once you have selected your sample, Bitget automatically executes its orders in real time for your account. It’s that simple!

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“Bitget is committed to providing users with the best possible social trading experience. In addition to perfecting our product offerings, Bitget has also put in place a number of security and protection measures, including our Custodial Fund, Proof of Reserves and $300 million hedge fund during this bear market, to protect and safeguard user funds on our platform. »

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget

To drive adoption of its new protocol, Bitget now allows SEPA deposits on the platform. Another initiative that aims to democratize access to cryptocurrencies and the possibilities of The DeFi sector. In return, the platform has adopted unprecedented security measures, as described by the president, Mrs. Grace Chen. It can be said that butts made great efforts to offer you this new opportunity under optimal conditions. Will you try the experiment?

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Be careful though: leveraged trading is not to be taken lightly. earnings, as well as losses, can be substantial… and very fast! CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing capital rapidly due to leverage. 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when investing in CFDs. Thus, you need to make sure that you understand how CFDs work and can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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