choose an internet box without TV and save money

Type a cross on your decoder and all associated costs. Back to the basics, to a more affordable budget and to the “Internet + Phone” deals of the late 90s. Because, yes, today there are very simple tips for watch TV without a TV decoder. So, don’t hesitate anymore and choose one internet offer without TV.

Family of advice no. 1: “Back to the Future!”, or how to choose the right equipment

  • There is a solution the past : this good old one DTT, with its roof rake antenna, coaxial cable and decoder. The majority? It avoids excessive “pull” on the bandwidth of your Internet connection: the youngest will be able to watch his cartoons without your teenager getting angry because his Internet game is loaded. The least: no TV on other screens in the house.
  • Solution high technology : the happy owners of a smart tv already know: with a connected TV, you no longer need a decoder. Channels, VoD services and other streaming platforms are directly accessible online. To equip yourself at a lower cost, it’s time to take advantage of the triple play offers of the major operators and their Smart TV bundles at sale prices.
  • Solution high tech and mobile : equip yourself with one Media Playersuch as Google Chromecast, Xioami Mi Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV 4K.

Family of Scams #2: Password “Applications”

To watch TV without a TV box, as we have just seen, you need a support. But, you also need one TV app which allows access to content. Two cases are possible:

  • Case number 1: your carrier has one dedicated TV app included in its internet package
  • Case number 2: if not, you download a television app on your smartphone. There are the most popular: Molotov, paid or free with limited access, but also myCANAL, or even and, free apps in exchange for advertising passages, Kodi extension… Do the same for your services streaming or online games. You can then share this screen with your TV ie..

Matching offers: editor’s choice

  1. Bbox customization it’s the cheapest double play deal on the market. It doesn’t cost only 16 euros per month, less a penny. Classic ADSL speed 95 Mb/s, and now very good fiber speed 400 Mb/s. Phone is unlimited, and as advertised, there is no TV service. The offer runs until January 22 and is valid for one year only, as the price increases in the second year.
  1. Without the TV option, Soshi’s box it only costs 19.99 euros per month : fixed rate for ADSL, but which increases by 10 euros from the 13th month for the 300 Mb/s monthly fiber subscription for mobile phones. Exit then, from the decoder, but the Orange TV app is free on demand, to install on your smartphone, your computer or your tablet.
  1. Red box The sans TV decoder offers the same solution as its colleague Sosh: using the services of its partner network provider, in this case: SFR. It is on their site that we downloadREDTV app, before taking advantage of a reduced but free 35-channel bundle. This package is in €18.99 per month, and again the fee will increase by 10 euros from the second for fiber subscribers. The latter will also have the best speed at low prices: 500 Mb/s!

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