CES 2023: The amazing gaming rig we can’t wait to try

CES 2023 announced some pretty awesome hardware, but for gaming fans, there are some intriguing pieces that can get PC and console gamers excited.

And since CES is all about gaming hardware and tech, there’s plenty to get excited about, even if you’re not just a gamer, with headsets, controllers and laptops on display at the event.

If you want to check out the best gaming hardware announced at CES 2023, we can help. Let’s take a look.

1. Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5

One of the biggest announcements from CES 2023 was PlayStation’s unveiling of a new accessibility controller for the PlayStation 5.

Titled Project Leonardo, this controller aims to help people with disabilities play their favorite PlayStation 5 titles and extend the time they can spend on them.

Project Leonardo is a big step forward for the PlayStation, which has a significantly poorer accessibility record than the Xbox, with its adaptive controller, health and safety features and parental settings on the Xbox Series X. |S.

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Image credit: Xbox Wire

With Sony saying it worked with game developers, community members and accessibility experts to develop Project Leonardo, the PlayStation Accessibility Controller is shaping up to be a strong rival to the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Whatever your console preference, Project Leonardo is an important step forward for accessible gaming. It bridges the accessibility gap between Xbox and PlayStation and makes console gaming even more accessible.

For more information on Project Leonardo, you can check out the official PlayStation Blog post about Sony’s first accessible PlayStation 5 controller.

2. PS VR2 for PlayStation 5

Sticking with PlayStation, another big CES announcement you might be interested in is the introduction of PlayStation’s upcoming virtual reality headset, the PS VR2.


A screenshot from the promotional video for PSVR 2 from PlayStation.
Image credit: PlayStation / YouTube

With the next iteration of PlayStation’s PS VR looking to improve on almost every aspect of the original headset, seeing the new PS VR2 game in action at CES was pretty exciting if you’re a fan of VR gaming.

As part of its presentation, PlayStation showed off two current PlayStation 5 titles that will be compatible with PS VR2, Gran Turismo 7 and Beat Saber, with Gran Turismo 7 PS VR2 compatibility scheduled for February 2023.

With the latest iteration of PSVR on the way, you’ll have to dig into what we know about PSVR 2 to decide if you think the headset is a significant enough improvement over its predecessor.

3. Alienware M18 and X16 Gaming Laptops

Moving away from console gaming, CES 2023 also showcased some great new Alienware gaming laptops, the M18 and X16.

If you’re a fan of big screens, the Alienware M18 gaming laptop has you covered with a massive 18-inch screen, sacrificing weight and portability in the process.

Oddly enough, you’d be wrong if you thought Alienware tried to make the M18 as thin and portable as possible. According to Tom’s Guide, the M18 is too bulky and heavy for a gaming laptop, and instead of trying to be portable, it’s intended to be a desktop replacement.

If you’re a desktop PC gamer, the M18 could be the laptop for you, with an impressive display and NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics.

A photo of an Alienware laptop screen and keyboard.

The second gaming laptop Alienware introduced at CES 2023 was the X16, a new flagship laptop that uses a larger 16:10 aspect ratio display. So, while the X16’s chassis and size are actually smaller than the previous X17 laptop, the 16-inch screen and aspect ratio make the screen noticeably larger.

Like the M18, if you want to use the best possible graphics cards, the X16 also uses an NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card.

As a gaming enthusiast, be it on desktops or laptops, Alienware has got you covered with the X16 and M18 laptops unveiled at CES 2023.

4. JBL 360X/P and 910X/P Quantum Gaming Headset for Xbox and PlayStation

With CES 2023 already giving PlayStation its own showcase for the PSVR 2 and Project Leonardo, console gaming fans have already been well served by CES 2023. But if you’re a fan of online console gaming, JBL might have announced the perfect headphones for you.

With the announcement of JBL’s Quantum 360X/P and 910X/P headphones, online console gaming just got better. Both models feature JBL’s QuantumSPATIAL 360 audio technology, which provides head tracking to ensure accuracy, and DualSOURCE technology, which allows you to receive calls seamlessly while gaming.

A picture of black JBL headphones on a table.

Designed specifically for PlayStation and Xbox, the 360X/P and 910X/P Quantum headsets also feature a completely revised design to represent your console of choice.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming and online socializing tech, JBL’s new Quantum headphones are the perfect CES announcement.

Get the most out of gaming in 2023 with the best hardware available.

By attending events like CES 2023, you can make sure you know about the best hardware available to meet your gaming needs. Whether it’s PCs, consoles or laptops, CES brings you the best technology, no matter what your preferences are.

And with some of the biggest releases of 2022 coming in 2023, what better way to try out the best games than to buy some new hardware?

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